Live up to 90 That’s fantastic in itself, but imagine being able to compete in a triathlon at that particular age.

This is the reality. Dr. A.S. Joseph MarronThe 82-year-old triathlete works as a consulting neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers and medical director for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

“My goal in life for people is to die as late as possible as young as possible,” Maron says. “I’m focused on my health, not my age.”

Maron credits the value of mental and physical conditioning to competing in eight Ironman Triathlons, nine marathons and more than 70 Olympic-distance triathlons.

He experienced a “shock of life”, as he described it, when his father passed away; Both led him to quit neurosurgery at the age of 40 and flipping burgers to reach their lowest point, and when his goal, the banker holding the burger joint, invited him to run.

“I accidentally noticed with my physical activity, my depression was slowly lifting, I lost 15 kilograms, my brain started working again and I was finally able to go back to neurosurgery,” says Maron. “Exercise literally saved my life.”

Since then, Maron has made some drastic changes to his routine, which he believes have added more years to both of them. His “health time” and life span.

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