It seems that death is not the end for the beloved Exo Hunter Cayde-6 Fate 2voiced by firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion. Bungie announced at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase on Wednesday that Cayde will somehow return next time. Fate 2 Enlargement, Final Form.

A teaser trailer shows Ikora Rey talking to Cayde, the Vanguard of Witches – or Cayde’s ghost? – and lamented missing out on some pretty big Destiny stuff over the past few years. Cayde is gone Fate 2 It’s 2018, and despite Exo’s promise that he won’t be back, it sure looks like he’s back.

Bungie promises to reveal more details in a separate showcase. Bungie will reveal new details on August 22nd Final FormIntroduced as the conclusion of Destiny’s 10-year Saga of Light and Darkness.

The PlayStation-owned studio has another big thing to talk about: marathonIts very old franchise is a new found production-shooter revival.

“This is an exciting time for Bungie as we continue to evolve into a multi-game studio,” Bungie CEO Pete Parsons said in a news release. “More than three decades of passion for creating incredible games has led us here and will continue to drive us into the future. We have a lot of work ahead of us, including continuing our construction marathon development team and support Fate for years to come. With our partners at PlayStation, we’re working to make our bold vision of Bungie a true entertainment company a reality, while never losing sight of our core mission: to build worlds that inspire friendship.”

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