Diablo 4 Server Slam successfully completed its beta today and has been a hype train for fans wanting to try out the lead new builds, kill Ashava the Pestilent to earn the mount trophy, and understand the current class balance. Striking a good balance between Diablo 4‘s classes have proven difficult time and time again, especially since the game has many possible builds and past betas have a skewed drop rate for Uniques, making them more common. Still, Blizzard made a few changes to the game before the beta release, including lots of buffs and nerfs.


One of the most nerfed classes in the game was the Sorcerer, a bit overpowered for his goodness in the previous betas, so much so that he had the best extra cleanup potential as well as boss DPS – all with one skill, Chain Lightning. This was made possible by several Legendary Aspects, good gear, and the fact that the main skill was overpowered compared to many others, which almost forced it and completely removed the customization aspect from Wizard builds. While Blizzard’s nerfs to Chain Lightning are justified and good for the health of the game, Diablo 4Instead, spells had to be looked at for Wizards.

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Why Blizzard Missed the Mark with Diablo 4’s Server Slam Beta Nerfs

diablo 4 wizard difficulty

While Chain Lightning is a decent skill for extra cleanup, it’s not great because even if he hits all the monsters he hits once, he’ll still need a player or two to finish the pack inside him. as a whole. However, what makes it incredible even after the nerfs is the Fireball spell that Wizards get after level 15, as it makes enemies explode in flames on death, so it only takes one or two kills per pack to trigger the chain effect. clear the whole screen and finish most Diablo 4 Wizard builds.

The powerful burst from Fireball Enchantment wasn’t hit by the nerfs, but it should have been to make it compatible with other classes and the constant use of Chain Lightning. For example, Diablo 4‘s Rogue achieves a similar effect with tools like Shadow Imbuement, which kills enemies while the ability is active and explodes on death. In comparison, it’s a skill that players have to actively place in their skill bar and even has an increased cooldown with the latest patch, whereas Fireball Enchantment is free to use and always active.

As such, Chain Lightning continues to be one of the best skills for Wizards, as it makes any non-boss job easier when combined with this particular spell, and the spell itself makes the others less attractive. Chain Lightning damage Diablo 4‘s powerful boss, but Server Slam beta is not as high as before, so the choice allows Wizards a little more freedom in terms of their one target skill.

A nerf to Fireball Enchantment’s burst range or damage, or even both, could not only be part of Blizzard’s much-needed overhaul of Chain Lightning, but also make other Enchantments seem more alive. On the other hand, Blizzard could also make some other spells more attractive to players, at least as much as Fireball is currently. with Diablo 4 will hit the shelves in three weeks, now is a good time to make some final changes to the game before launch, especially since the biggest post-launch patch will likely come with Season 1 in July.

Diablo 4 Available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S.

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