Anyone with a fitness tracker knows 10,000 steps a day is considered the pinnacle of health.

That magical number of steps is connected to many types. Health benefitsSuch as weight loss and reduced risks of cancer, dementia and heart disease. Walking 10,000 steps has become a trend on Tik Tok, because Hot girl walking.

But where did this number come from? The real origin may surprise you.

Hint: It’s not from research or science.

Tom Yates, a professor of exercise and competitive behavior at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom b Daily Mail “There was no evidence to begin with.”

Not long after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, there was a huge focus on fitness in Japan, and many local companies tried to profit from the trend.

Advertisement for Manpo-Kei pedometer, 1964 - Anyone who keeps track of physical activity knows 10,000 steps a day is considered the pinnacle of health.
A 1964 advertisement for the Manpo-kei pedometer.

Yamasa invented a marketing method to sell the pedometer called Manpo-ki – literally translated to “10,000 step meters”. Some even believe it The company chose this name only because it resembles a person who walked for 10,000, δΈ‡.

There was no real reason behind the number, the round, memorable number looked beautiful. The company had no scientific evidence to sell their product – and they unknowingly influenced the fitness industry for years.

People or not You really need to walk 10,000 steps During the day to maintain a healthy lifestyle The subject of many studiesAnd it proved to be a good target. However, until recently Only studies have been done On scores of 5,000 steps and 10,000 steps – never in between.

one A large study was released in March Between 6,000 and 8,000 steps a day is enough, and he rejects the 10,000-step goal, saying anything over 8,000 doesn’t count for health benefits.

Sporty woman working out climbing city stairs and monitoring heart rate on smart watch
Whether or not people need to walk 10,000 steps a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle is the subject of many studies.
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other A recent study They suggested that the speed at which a person walks may be more important than the step count. Experts in Denmark and Australia have concluded that 10,000 steps a day may not be necessary if you walk briskly.

According to senior author Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis of the University of Sydney, “step counting is easy to understand and widely used due to the increasing popularity of exercise trackers and apps to track activity levels. The study and public health expert.

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