A.D. Since Robin Williams’ suicide in 2014, public awareness of Levi’s disease (LBD) has increased. He suffered from the diseaseBut LBD is really above all else Common dementia An estimated 1.4 million people in the United States are infected with Alzheimer’s disease after AD.

AD and LBD are both forms of forgetfulness, and although they are similar in some respects, there are important differences. “As the name implies, Lewy is believed to be body dementia Caused by construction Levi’s proteins in the brain, ”reports Vervel Health. “Alzheimer’s is characterized by amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain.” The symptoms also vary – and one particular night issue is related to the onset of LBD. Find out what it is.

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Levi states that the accumulation of body proteins affects the chemicals in the brain Kashmir GovindWith a pharmacist Fair Institute. She explains that these chemical changes can affect thinking, movement, behavior, and emotions.

This can lead to countless symptoms, as the disease manifests itself in different ways. “Nightmares; seeing, hearing or smelling things that do not exist; matters of understanding, thinking, remembering, and reasoning.” Possible warning signsSays Govind. “The most common symptoms include changes in cognition, movement, sleep, and behavior,” she says – but the symptoms do not stop there and are very different. Govind also warns that there may be changes in body temperature, dizziness, frequent falls and sexual dysfunction and other symptoms.

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Symptoms of LBD can be seen in the body and brain. “Lewy body dementia causes a Progressive failure In mental abilities, ”says Mayo Clinic. “People with Levi’s amnesia may have nightmares and changes in consciousness and attention.” Other symptoms may be similar to Parkinson’s disease, such as “strong muscle, slow movement, difficulty walking and tremors.”

These similarities can often lead to misdiagnosis (Robin Williams) Diagnosed incorrectly With Parkinson’s before his death in 2014; Only then did the autopsy show that he had suffered from LBD). Of The main difference According to the Davis Finini Foundation for Parkinson’s, the symptoms are the order of the day. (Loss of mind with Levi’s body, Symptoms of forgetfulness It first appears before motor skills are damaged.)

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In addition to neurological and physiological symptoms, leukemia may be the first sign of the disease.

“Rapid ocular activity (REM) is a sleep disorder. You work in person Clear, often unpleasant dreams are accompanied by loud noises and sudden, often intense hand and foot movements in REM sleep, sometimes called dream behavior, ”reports the Mayo Clinic.

“We can investigate Sleep Disorders With a sleep study, “Neurologist James Levinez, MD, speaks to the Cleveland Clinic. “And a person with this condition is more likely to have LBD or Parkinson’s disease.” Note that this behavior is usually first noticed by the patient’s bedside partner. “Often when someone comes for a review and we ask about sleep disturbances, the bedtime partner says,‘ Oh, you’ve been doing this for years ”.

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There is currently no cure for Louis dementia or other forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. However, the National Institute of Aging (NIH) explains that some symptoms can be treated effectively for some time. “Ann LBD treatment plan It can include medications, physical and other forms of treatment and counseling, ”says NIH. Diagnosis may mean finding treatment and management options.

Govind advises them to make healthy lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of forgetfulness. Exercise, healthy diet, Limit your alcohol intakeSmoking is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of LBD, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

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