A Danbury-based addiction-treatment nonprofit plans to move its local outpatient clinic to the former CVS location at Wally Avenue and Orchard Street, after it recently purchased the former pharmacy property for $2.5 million.

on Monday, Alcoholism Inc. of Midwest Connecticut. (MCCA) The 1.15-acre commercial property at 215 Whalley Ave. He bought it from the Brandfon Family Limited Partnership for $2.5 million, according to a recent filing on the city’s online land records database.

That property — formerly a CVS Pharmacy, which closed its doors earlier this year — was. Most recently reviewed by the city The price is $2,427,600.

Founded in 1972, MCCA It charges on its own website As “the premier provider of substance abuse prevention, assessment and treatment services in the Greater Danbury area.” It currently operates seven outpatient clinics in Danbury, Milford, Waterbury, Bridgeport and the Walley-Edgewood-Beaver Hills neighborhood at 419 Walley Street.

In a brief email exchange with The Independent on Wednesday, MCCA Chief Financial Officer Glen Conan said MCCA purchased the former CVS site with the intention of moving the existing Walley Street clinic to that location.

“We currently operate the New Haven Outpatient Clinic at 419 Whalley Avenue and would like to relocate to better serve the community,” Conan wrote.

He did not respond to a series of questions about what specialty medical services would be offered at the location, how many patients MCCA would treat there, and what kind of medical services would be offered if the health care property were to undergo any changes to the popular Whalley Street property. He intends to make it a non-profit organization.

MCCA website It states that drug-assisted treatment will be provided to the seven outpatient clinics — such as Suboxone, Naltrexone and Subutex — in combination with “counseling and behavioral therapies” to treat patients struggling with opioid addiction.

And so the website says. The current outpatient clinic at 419 Whalley Ave. It offers various “addiction services”. Outpatient, intensive outpatient, and pretrial intervention programs, including anger management and relapse prevention.

“Our New Haven outpatient clinic offers a full range of outpatient treatment options for people dealing with addiction. From individual to group to acute outpatient (IOP), our supportive therapies help clients identify their triggers and destructive behaviors and begin making positive changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle and improved sense of well-being,” the MCCA site reads in part. .

“The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is ideal for individuals who are unable to attend a residential program due to work and family obligations. Our most popular group for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, IOP meets three times a week for three-hour sessions.

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