of New York Jets After losing Mackie Becton to injury this week, they had a void on their offensive line and they seem to have filled that hole.

CBS Sports’ NFL Insider Josina Anderson reports the Jets They have reached an agreement A two-year contract with Duane Brown. basis to ESPN.comBrown’s contract with the team is worth a total of $22 million.

Brown, a five-time Pro Bowler, is easily the best offensive lineman left on the market. The Jets had shown some interest in Brown before Becton’s injury when the 36-year-old was a visitor. With the team on August 6. Two days after that visit, Becton came down with him A serious knee injury during training This could cause him to miss most of the season, if not the entire season. After Becton’s departure, keeping Brown under contract was an immediate priority for the Jets.

With Brown headed to New York, the next step for the Jets is figuring out the big question of where he will play. Becton is lined up at right tackle, but Brown may not want to play there because he spent his 15-year career at left tackle.

Ex Seahawks Offensive line coach Mike Solari spent three seasons coaching Brown in Seattle and doesn’t think moving the big man to the right side makes sense.

“Can he do it? Yes, he has the necessary qualities,” Solari He told the New York Post this week.. But I think with the left-back he’s not going to move him out of his comfort zone this season. My fix is ​​to move George. [Fant] Having played both, he goes back to the right.

If the Jets move Brown to left tackle, that means moving Fant to right tackle, which might not mean Fant. That being said, Fant and Brown spent some time as teammates in Seattle and during that time Brown played right tackle while Fant played left tackle. As the two men know each other somewhat, Fant may make him more friendly to move.

As for Brown, he will be 37 on August 30 and despite his age, Solari still thinks that the solution is still in the pool.

“There’s definitely something left in the tank,” Solari said. “He’s a big bully, and what makes him elite is his athleticism and change of direction. Very competitive, smart, a leader on and off the field. He’s going to be an asset to the Jets with his game, his character. And his work ethic.”

Brown has been in the NFL since 2008 Texas He was the 26th overall pick in the draft. In the 15 years since then, he has played only left tackle.

No matter where Brown plays, he’s a much-needed addition that should be an immediate upgrade to the Jets’ offensive line. The only issue with Brown’s signing is the possibility that he could be fined by the NFL for his arrest last month. It was Brown in July After being arrested, he was charged with felony possession of a concealed weapon Los Angeles International Airport.

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