Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Los Angeles Rams

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The Buccaneers’ second-half meltdown in Sunday’s loss to the Bengals began with a botched punt by the running back. Young Bernards He should have picked up the pace and run for first down, instead he didn’t seem to realize the pace was going to him until the ball was hit. After the game, Bernard had an emotional exchange with reporters but admitted he was the one to blame.

When reporters approached Bernard after the game and tried to ask him what happened, Bernard complained that they wanted to talk to him after something bad happened and that they hadn’t talked to him all season. as if Video In an exchange posted by ESPN’s Jenna Line, reporters took issue with him saying he hasn’t talked to him because he’s been injured and hasn’t been able to play much this season. Bernard said he didn’t want to talk at first.

“Can I go to my family abroad?” Bernard asked reporters.

After a while, however, Bernard offered to take responsibility for the fake score.

“Miscommunication, that’s all I’ve ever had,” Bernard said. “I’m totally to blame for that. It was totally wrong—my fault, that’s all. It’s on me, it’s all me. It’s all my fault. It’s all on me. Number 25 There’s me. It was me. It was me. I messed it up. I fixed it. Thanks, guys.

And with that, Bernard was done.

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