EA and Koei Tecmo are collaborating on a new title they’re describing as “the next great hunting game.” When I first read this description, I was blown away Big Buck Hunterseries of arcade hunting games where you shoot wild animals, but looking at the concept art (above) along with who made it, I’m guessing this game will actually look more like Capcom’s popular game. Monster Hunter series.

In a press release, EA and Koei Tecmo describe this new game as an original IP that “delivers a truly AAA experience based in fantasy feudal Japan.” It will be developed by Omega Force aka Koei Tecmo Dynasty Warriors and Samurai warriors “musou” action games. EA boss Jeff Gamon said in a statement that Omega Force “combines a proven talent for fighting games with unexpected and innovative mechanics.”

Taken with the “hunting game” description, these factors tell me that the developers are probably on to something Monster Hunter– a game style where you team up with other players to destroy giant monsters. Big Buck Hunter, on the other hand, is essentially a glorified target experience. An EA spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for clarification, so I’ll update the post to let you know if this Cabela’s Japanese video game equivalent is teased.

Unfortunately, EA and Koei Tecmo haven’t shared more information about the game, so we don’t know when the game will be released or what platforms it might be available on. However, Gamon says the game will launch “later this month,” so we may not have to wait too long to find out more.

This new game will carry the EA Originals label, which it previously used when publishing indie titles It takes two and Knockout City.

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