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My refrigerator is very thick. Currently, it’s filled with whole milk, half and half, heavy whipping cream, two types of yogurt (store-bought Greek and a homemade recipe I’m tweaking), sour cream, butter, and all of my various cheeses. (I usually have some We sweat you In there too, but I’m running out now.) The cheeses are a category on their own. At any given time, I need at least eight.

I don’t need eight. Certain Cheese, but I want at least one cheese from the following categories. (If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me. Twitter (I need seven cheeses, but someone pointed out that I’m missing cream cheese.) These are the cheeses I need to fully sustain and function. They are tailored to my specific lifestyle and needs, but I think everyone can benefit from identifying and categorizing their specific cheese needs.

My cheese needs are as follows

  • Snack cheese: These are my string cheese, my Babybell, my sticks, and pre-packaged Tillamook “snacks” that I shove into my mouth as a pre-lift snack, or for those times when I feel bad, but I don’t know what. to eat.
  • Cooking cheese This cheese is mixed and melted into foods. It is usually bagged and pre-cut, but Velveta is also considered.
  • Cheese salad Ah my crumb. This is usually pre-grated blue cheese, although it can also be fine feta, and sometimes there is overlap with our next category (finishing cheese).
  • Finishing cheese: This is the cheese you use. Finish a meal. It’s often flavored with flavors like Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, and Cotija. Finishing cheese can sometimes double as salad cheese.
  • sandwich cheese; These are (obviously) sliced ​​cheeses that go on sandwiches. I usually have two: the Dubliner (one block or pre-cut) and the Deli White American (both honor my heritage in their own way).
  • Cured cheese This is just cottage cheese. Cheese fills a more urgent need than a snack, because it can fit into my mouth.
  • Soft cheese made from sweetened milk and cream. She is in a category of her own.
  • curing cheese; This is usually a small piece of old, crystal-encrusted stuff (it’s actually aged me to gowda now), but sometimes it’s a really good sample of a good, well-washed herd. I usually eat it with a really good apple.

That’s just me, and while I respect my own opinion, I’d love to hear yours. How much cheese do you have stored in your fridge? How much do you need to make? How old are you? want? Tell me your cheese categories, your cheese needs, yours. Cheese dreams. Identify your cheese needs, then ask for them to be met.

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