– A new study shows that fighter jets can prevent disease even if they put on exercise for two days.

According to the American Exercise Guidelines, adults should get 150 minutes of exercise and two exercises a week. It may seem like a lot if you are trying to distribute that with work, work, cooking and cleaning during the week.

People who exercise – whether that weekend or more often – have a lower mortality rate than people who are out of exercise, according to a study published in the Jama International Medical Journal on Tuesday.

There was no significant difference between cause-and-cause mortality between regular exercise and over-the-counter fighters over the course of a week of moderate to vigorous exercise, said study author Leonardo Rezende, assistant professor of epidemiology at the Department of Prevention in Sao Paulo Federal University in Brazil. .

“This is good news. The weekend fighter exercise pattern may be a better option to reach the recommended fitness levels for many people,” Rezende said in an email.

The study found that 150 minutes of exercise per week – or more – can help reduce the mortality rate as long as you can exercise.

The results encourage public health officials to increase exercise, even among overcrowded people, and support the idea that “every minute exercise is important,” said Eric Shiroma, a scientist at the National Institute of Aging.

CNN Fitness Contributor Dana Santas listens to her clients talk about their crazy work day schedule for not exercising.

“They don’t really want to get up in the morning and sacrifice the most important sleep or go to the gym after work and miss out on invaluable family dinners,” says Santas, a certified strength and conditioner specialist and mental trainer. Sports. “These are real concerns because we all need sleep to work.

“And not only does family dinner have quality time, but it also increases your chances of eating healthy, as opposed to having fast food.”

Other health problems that need to be avoided

The benefits of a weekend workout are great news for people who are busy on weekdays, says Santa Claus. But there are benefits to working out during the week.

She said that the study did not take into account the effects of sleep, exercise or mental health, so it was important to take that into account.

“The bodies are designed to move,” Santa said. “Sitting all week will increase your risk of injury if you go too hard on your weekends.”

With that in mind, he said, it is important to make sure that weekend fighters are properly warmed up and focused on building.

A.D. A 2018 study also found that exercise plays an important role in mental health. They had a “self-reported mental health disorder” that decreased by 1.5 months last month compared to those who did not exercise.

And a big part of many aspects of health is getting a good night’s sleep. Adequate exercise can help our body crave natural rest at the end of the day, says Santa Claus.

“Exercise should not make you sweat and breathe, but you should try to increase your breathing and heart rate,” she said.

That means getting 20 to 25 minutes of fast walking, cycling, or weight-bearing exercises for better sleep, says Santa Claus.

Shroma recommends five ways to make exercise a part of your life Find small ways, such as climbing stairs. Exercise in your favorite ways; Socialize with friends; Setting goals and rewarding; And as you fall from your daily routine, gradually rebuild.

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