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According to his speech One More Game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director Naoki Hamaguchi has said that an update patch for the game is in the works, with at least part of its intention being a fix for visual quality in performance mode. No exact date has been given for the arrival, other than Hamaguchi believes it will be soon. This update is based on player feedback, especially regarding some face lighting being inadequate.

You can see Hamagchuhi’s comments below:

We’ve received a lot of feedback on whether or not the graphics will be improved in Performance mode. We hear you and are currently working on an update patch to improve this aspect. I don’t think the release date will be far from now.

We’ve heard from players that in certain situations face lighting makes some character shadows look too scary. This is part of an update we are working on.

owing to Genki For sharing this news on Twitter.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth This is a continuation of the first entry Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy effort. This new entry is more ambitious than the first, taking place from the original game to The Forgotten Capital.

Players can look forward to playable Cait Sith and Red XIII, while Vincent has also made an appearance, albeit not extensively. Gold Saucer will be a highlight with lots of mini games.

Speaking of which, the Junon infiltration minigame has been significantly improved, with Cloud directing soldiers to create special compositions. Additionally, Sephiroth will be played during the Nibelheim flashback. Combat has been shaken up with new synergy attacks using multiple party members, and Red XIII has a unique revenge metering mechanic.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth only available on PlayStation 5.

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