MMA Fighting has live updates from Floyd Mayweather vs. Mikuru Asakura in one of the biggest boxing fights of the year Saturday night at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

The main event is expected to begin on FITE TV pay-per-view around 1 p.m. ET. See ours Mayweather vs Asakura results To find out what happened on the card below, see p.

Floyd Mayweather will be participating in his fourth boxing exhibition after compiling a 50-0 career record. Last time he competed at the Rizin event, Tenshin knocked out Nasuka.

Mikuru Asakura is a mixed martial artist who competes for Rizin in the featherweight division. The 30-year-old has compiled a record of 16-3 without a single contest in his MMA career.

This three-round exhibition tournament will headline the Super Raisin event. Rizzin 38 will feature seven MMA fights following the event.

Check out the Floyd Mayweather vs. Mikuru Asakura main event live blog below.

Mayweather vs Asakura next.

But first, Manny Pacquiao is out as a special ring guest.

Pacquiao said Asakura visited the Philippines to train with him before this fight.

Mayweather is still on stage with his gloves on and now we have a break.

The main event now begins, Asakura makes his first walk.

Here comes Mayweather.

Kenny Bayless is your judge for this main event.

Round 1: Asakura punches early, Mayweather takes him down patiently. He moves away from the way Asakura’s body was shot. There’s a jab by Mayweather. Asakura ducks in and lands a body shot. Mayweather with a lot of head movement. Asakura probed with his jab and threw a hard left that Mayweather blocked. Mayweather with a body kick. Asakura is throwing haymakers and nothing to connect. Mayweather again to the body. He hits the body again and Bayless tells Mayweather to step up his shot. Mayweather lands a glancing right hand before the bell.

2nd round: As he did in Round 1, Mayweather is rolling. Asakura fired a jab. Mayweather lands a clean right hand down the middle. Asakura headhunt, Mayweather’s defense stands up. Another right hand lands for Mayweather. He might be recognizing Asakura. Body by Mayweather, then another. Asakura absorbed these and didn’t answer back with much of his own abuse. Mayweather’s hands are low, he doesn’t seem to care for Asakura’s Japan. Asakura connects with a swinging right hand, that’s definitely felt. Mayweather is all smiles. He removes the Asakura combination. Asakura complains at the low blow. Big right by Mayweather. Another right for Mayweather, but Asakura pops a straight left. Mayweather lands another right at the bell and Asakura goes down. He looks hurt. The referee waved!

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