Kevin McKernan He holds a bachelor’s degree in pharmacology, toxicology, and biomedical engineering. He was previously involved in Human Genome Project And has pioneered genome sequencing work for 30 years.

Recently, he shared with the famous Kovid opponent. Peter McCullough And Anthony Kyriacollos to the author, Implications of mRNA differentiation obtained by vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 replication for cell biology and implications for future diseases. They were looking for publications in an open access publisher in Hindi.

Machernan It is technology that recognizes this “vaccine” because the mRNA enhancements that go into the vaccines are similar to those used in DNA sequencing.

“Foundations [of DNA] Vaccines in mRNA are not the same as those found in the virus. Not only are they differentiated sequentially due to codeine adaptation, but they also differ in the inclusion of a chemical specific nucleotide called N1-methlypseudoridine. ”

He goes on to say, “It is a very dishonest foundation,” which means “he is a little cunning in his dealings with it.”

This means that when the cell tries to read MRI, it can make a lot of mistakes. Repeatedly, he spoke out against the intimidation.

While discussing the difference between the vaccine and the spice protein, the main difference is how the virus enters the body. [there] Take 5-7 days to reach maximum before it disappears. The injection gives you ~ 40 trillion MRI in one shot, which makes it very difficult to get rid of your advanced nucleotide body, ”explains Mackerel.

“In general, they want the least amount of antigen in the body’s immune system, especially if the antigen itself is found to be non-pathogenic. Spike protein is just as safe as we are.

McKernan to paper by Cheng et al. SARS-CoV-2 spike divides protein into supernatant. “It is very similar to bio-weapons. This is a short sequence and there is a lot of controversy over this term so I want to make it very clear here that taking a sub sequence sequence can create a cytokinetic storm.

With the growing immunity of the population, the paper highlights the threat posed by MRI and the virus to people at the same time. “Do those molecules interact in any way? We do not know. We need to consider the biology of MRI and the virus – can the two molecules come together and regenerate and drive differences? It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The paper has now been reviewed after two good reviews. The editorial board is the opposite of the “Research Loyalty Assessment” claim. Citing this as a gateway to journalism, as a Well-published scientistHe had never seen such a process take months.

“We are now working to inject children into these things and delaying any criticism or evaluation every day will create more uncertainty in people.”

In sharing his final thoughts, Mackerel made his concerns clear.

“This MRI [product] They’re going to get into your cells and create the drug, and it’s just a matter of theory. When the raw material is read and the amount of error in the vaccine product does not appear publicly, it does not show what MRI is: m These mRNAs have not been duplicated. So we have a supportive drug that produces a[nother] The drug and the drug are unknown and unexplained and zero is entering the billions of people who are not responsible. This has never happened before in medicine.

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