Genshin Impact is slowly revealing more information about its upcoming 2.8 update, which will be released on July 13th. With the release of this new update, the HoYoverse developers have officially announced the debut of the game’s seventh and final item, Dendro. massive 3.0 update this fall. They released a video that includes a thorough breakdown of the item and the design philosophy that goes into it.

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This update will also bring new ones Sumeru region, a lush forest area with many new game mechanics. Dendro, the seventh element, will be more prominent in this zone. This element has multiple abilities and three main design principles.

Catalysis, wisdom, and life are the three main components that are key to the design of this powerful element. They’ve designed the element to fit the environment and the player, and Dendro will come with two new elemental reactions.

  • Bloom – New elemental reaction between Hydro and Dendro.
  • Catalysis – New elemental reaction between Electro and Dendro.

These new responses will be critical to and adaptive to environmental interactions in the new Sumeru region leaks shared earlier about the new item. Just as Electro is vital to discovering Inazuma, Dendro will be vital to discovering and unlocking Sumeru’s secrets.

Update 3.0 also introduces a list of new characters leaked. Tighnari, Collei, and Dori will join the Dendro-adorned Travelers as characters with unique abilities and powers, all hailing from the Sumeru region. HoYovers will release more 3.0 update teasers in the weeks leading up to the late August release date.

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