AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs

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Bengals linebackers video Germaine PrattThe team’s immediate reaction to the 23-20 AFC Championship Game loss to the Chiefs was widely circulated on Sunday night.

Pratt was filmed walking into the locker room and saying, “Why the fuck? touch you quarterback” in response to the defensive end Joseph OsaiThe Chiefs are late at quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The penalty gave the Chiefs 15 yards and set them up Harrison BookerA game-winning field goal in the final seconds.

It was an emotional response to the traumatic moment, which Pratt explained in a comment on an Instagram post that included a video of his tantrum.

“Yep ppl post anything on social media. For likes and views,” Pratt wrote. “True feelings are sometimes raw. If you love something, sometimes things are said in the heat of the moment like I do. But I know what kind of teammate I am. And what kind of person I am. Trust me, I’ve lost no love. I’ve been hurt. Some ppl remember your hate, rate and shake you. And try to break you but as always I stand.

Bengals head coach Zach Taylor, defensive tackle BJ Hill And others were quick to say Osain’s game. It wasn’t The only reason He’ll have plenty of time to reflect on why the Bengals lost on Sunday and what didn’t go well before the team returns to the football field.

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