Valve has quietly released a 90-minute playtest to Steam with the feature debuting alongside EA’s Dead Space remake.

can be accessed through Steam page for the Dead Space remakethe new 90-minute trial version requires players to first install the full game, then click the “play now” button to start the free trial, after which a timer will track the remaining minutes.

The challenge has no visible progress limit, meaning players are free to continue as far as they can before the hour and a half is up.

Presumably, the feature is meant to fill a certain gap in Steam’s marketing arsenal, providing a formalized way to try out linear, longer-form titles like Dead Space that typically don’t fit into Valve’s existing free weekends. store – and all without a publisher need to create a pre-order demo.

Let’s play EA’s Dead Space remake.

Valve has yet to discuss or even acknowledge on the Steam blog the new 90-minute free trial, which is only available for EA’s Dead Space remake to date. It all seems like a bit of an experiment, the Dead Space remake is high profile enough to meet Valve’s research needs.

Regardless of how this feature may be used in the future, the current 90-minute free trial of Dead Space will be available until Monday, May 29. This coincides with a 20% discount on the remake, bringing the price down to £39.99, which ends the same day.

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