In-game updates

Other damage: Rookie cornerback Cor Del Flotte is out with a groin injury.

Jamil Dowlas Injury: The Giants have now lost offensive linemen Shane Lemieux and Jamil Douglas in their preseason opener.

Wake up! The Giants lead 17-14 in the third quarter.

half an hour: The Giants went into the half with a 10-7 lead. In relief of Daniel Jones, Tyrod Taylor was 13 of 21 for 129 yards and a 7-yard touchdown pass to Richie James.

First Quarter: Giants trail, 7-3. Daniel Jones is 6 of 10 for 69 yards. Saquon Barkley has four carries for 13 yards and six receptions.

Shane Lemieux (TOE) will not return. We’re being told in the broadcast that the Giants hope to let Lemieux play some center later.

It doesn’t look like Shane Lemieux has a serious injury. However, you don’t want to get hurt in this type of game.

Pre-game updates

Starters Darrian Beavers and DJ Davidson started.

of New York Giants open their preseason Thursday night (7 pm ET/NFL Network and NBC-4), marking Brian Daboll’s side debut as the team’s head coach.

Use this post as your discussion thread and follow live updates in the game.

Seeing old friends

Daboll’s first game is against former Giants head coach Joe Judge, mentor and former employer Bill Belichick and friend and Daboll. He is not developing emotionally.

“I didn’t think about it until now. I’m very focused on trying to get things right every day. Obviously he is. [Belichick is] My mentor, but I never sat there and was like, ‘Oh, this is the first game.'” Dabol said. “I know my wife and my kids are going to try to go to him. But what coached 750 games? This is the first preseason game for me. I’m trying to do it right with my team. I’m not really worried about me.”

Judge being on the other side of being New England’s quarterbacks coach and offensive assistant can be a little difficult for some of the guys on the roster who have played for him the past two years. Again, that’s not what Dabol is concerned about.

“I didn’t even talk to him. You’ve been in this league where I’ve trained with my friends, players, coaches. It’s like what you’re used to, you know?” Dabol said. “As long as I’ve been in the league, I know 10 other guys on this staff, I’ve worked with four of them, or I was in this position last year and I’m going to this position. It’s kind of like the nature of the NFL.

Starters and backups

Daboll said all healthy Giants starters will play.

“I think that’s important in playing football: getting live reps. How many reps it will be, I can’t tell you right now,” Daboll said. “I think it will be less for some and more for others, and each game will have a plan going into it. I expect all of our guys to play Thursday.

Neither will the veterans, who are not expected to play as starters.

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