A no-longer-surprising event for unreleased Google hardware, the Pixel Tablet leaks and its Charging Speaker Dock Appeared on Facebook Marketplace.

With the screen on (via ShrimpApplePro on Twitter), we see the tablet-optimized Pixel Launcher home screen that Google previously shared, and a wallpaper that matches the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro’s “Feathers” collection.

Considering that this device is newly built, at a glance, we can see the default application setup. Next to the search bar are Gmail, Chrome, YouTube and Photos, while the last two slots are suggestions including Messages. The next row on the right is Camera, Maps and Play Store.

On the software side, take a look at the two-panel Settings app for large screens. This is the 256GB variant of the Pixel Tablet, while the battery life is just under 16 hours, at 70%.

Meanwhile, we get a better look at the Pixel Tablet’s Charging Speaker Dock with this leak, and it looks exactly like the base of the Nest Hub Max, a rectangular power adapter. This could be the same 30W unit that comes with Google’s larger Smart Display, but also uses a barrel connector.

Here’s a rear view of the docked Pixel Tablet, where you can see the USB-C port on the left edge on the side with some speaker grills. The bezels on the screen are black and the body is similarly dark, although photos are very blurry.

Come back in OctoberGoogle said the nano-ceramic coating, which tries to mimic the texture of porcelain, will come in a variety of colors.


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