Google IO 2022 pixel clock design


  • Last week, Google released a Pixel Watch video that suggested the smartwatch could have thick bezels.
  • The company seems to have edited the video now, showing smaller frames.

Last week, Google shared a short video showing off the design of the Pixel Watch from all angles. While many thought the smartwatch looked slick, few people actually put it to work Reddit commented on its large frames.

In the video released by Google, the watch faces do not extend to the edge of the screen. This has led to rumors that the Pixel Watch may have very thick bezels and limited real estate for displaying information. Ironically, Google is showing a different version of the same teaser video in Taiwan.

As reported Droid Lifea Reddit user Google spotted the same Pixel Watch campaign on Taiwan’s YouTube channel. The video was released yesterday and shows relatively smaller frames than what we saw in the previous clip. People horse Droid Life also created a comparison GIF to identify the apparent difference in the frame size of the Pixel Watch shown in the two videos.


It’s clear that Google edited the new ad to make the Pixel Watch’s bezels appear smaller. It’s possible that the company simply corrected the wrong description in the previous video, in which case it’s good news for those looking forward to buying the Pixel Watch. An alternative theory is that Google is trying to misrepresent the bezel size of the smartwatch before it goes official. In the new teaser video, it is impossible to determine the real reason for this change. We’ll find out soon enough as the Pixel Watch goes on sale on October 6th.

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