More details in a more modern look

Google provides an outstanding way to check the weather on Pixel phones Google Pixel 7 Pro. A small widget shows the current weather on the home screen and lock screen, and when you tap it, you get a fully detailed forecast with a cute weather frog mascot.

Those who don’t have a Pixel phone can use Google Search to look up the weather more often, and if you do it through a browser rather than the Google app, you might be stuck with the design that was introduced the first time. compared to seven years ago, this time saw only small, meaningless iterations. Thankfully, Google has finally updated the view and made it more detailed as well.


First two: Old design. Last two: New design.

When you search for weather on Google in a browser like Chrome, you’ll see an updated experience. The new look more closely matches Google’s design in Search, with blue highlights used to show you the dates or statistics you’re currently viewing. It now provides more information at a glance than the old design, allowing you to see the hourly forecast without removing the chart. Below that you can still see the daily forecast up to 10 days into the future.

While this is already a welcome change, the new look only goes beyond that. The tabs at the top of the card let you view details of rain, wind and humidity – arguably important indicators when you want to know how to dress. In the past, these details simply weren’t available, perhaps forcing many people to visit a website listed with the basic weather forecast.

On Pixel phones and in the Google app, the weather frog is still alive and well when you tap the weather forecast on your Pixel phone’s home screen. In the Google app on iOS, you’re still stuck with the old design. The new weather experience is only active when you search for it in your browser on Android.

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