How To Obtain The Teleport Stone In Graveyard Keeper

News: For those of you who are tasked with managing a cemetery in the Cemetery Guardian, this guide is for you. We will go through the steps to find the desired teleport stone in the game.

Where can you find a teleport stone in tomb guardian?

Visit Horadric at the “Dead Horse” Inn in the center of the village to find the teleport stone in the tomb guard. Horadric offers the stone for the price of two silver coins. Conveniently, he’s always available for trade so you can easily get a teleport stone from him.

Using the teleport stone in the grave guard

Once you’ve purchased a teleport stone in the Tomb Guard, activating it is as simple as right-clicking in your inventory. If you happen to be carrying an item while teleporting, it will accompany you to its destination. Following a successful teleport transfer, the teleport stone begins a three-minute cooldown. Using art with the stone is very important, because the count cannot be stopped by accessing your inventory or any other interfaces.

The role of the teleport stone in Tomb Guard

The teleport stone is used as a tool in Tomb Keeper to quickly travel to various critical locations without the stone itself slowing down. It should be noted that the stone cannot be used while in prison. There are seven different places you can teleport to using the teleport stone.

1. Lighthouse

2. A dead horse

3. Mountain Fort

4. Sweet home

5. Quarry

6. Speaking skull

7. Refugee camp

More information about the teleport stone

It’s important to note that getting multiple Teleport Stones from the Inn is pointless as the cooldown is shared between all Stones. Therefore, you cannot perform multiple consecutive teleports using multiple stones.

Now that you have the knowledge of where to find the teleport stone and how to use it in the guardian in the graveyard, it is recommended to think carefully about when and where to use it for teleportation, taking into account the cooldown. Enjoy the process of managing your cemetery and make your cemeteries flourish!

Questions to be asked

Q: Can the teleport stone be used in a dungeon?

A: No, you cannot use a teleport stone while in a dungeon in the Tomb Guard.

Q: Can the teleport stone count stop?

A: No, accessing your inventory or any other interface cannot pause the teleport stone count.

Q: Will buying multiple Teleport Stones be beneficial?

A: No, it’s not worth buying multiple teleport stones, because the cooldown is shared between all the stones. You cannot perform multiple consecutive teleports with multiple stones.