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What you need to know

  • Update: Helldivers successfully freed Estanu in less than 24 hours, and as a result, Fori Prime is now available to play and free. This quick win gives me hope that even if the community releases this Grand Order, it will be able to take it, Hellmire, Nivel 43, and It will still be extremely difficult to complete Zagon Prime in two days.
  • Helldivers 2’s latest Grand Order directs players to rid the planets Zagon Prime and Fori Prime of bugs on Friday morning, which, if accomplished, will reward the community with 35 Warbond Medals.
  • Although both worlds are currently behind enemy lines, making it impossible to fight them at the moment. This is Helldivers 2’s “Supply Lines” mechanic in action.
  • To open fronts in Zagon and Fori Prime, we will first need free worlds like Hellmire and Estanu. Fortunately, about 120,000 Helldivers are already fighting in Estanu, and more are joining the ongoing battle as I write this.
  • Funny, cause why Super Earth wants control of these two planets as it “depopulates the Terminids and collects the E-710 they provide”. Element 710 is completely confirmed by the game’s lore to be oil, so we’re basically breeding bugs for fossil fuel.

Update at 03/19/2024 10:45 PM PT / 03/20/2024 1:45 AM ET: Estanu, a cold world blocking access to Fori Prime, was successfully freed by the Helldivers 2 community in less than 24 hours. As a result, Fori Prime – an arid planet with a Tremors effect that can stun both players and enemies with earthquakes – is now applicable. As I write this update minutes after its front opened, thousands are already descending on its rocky battlefields.

A quick win gives me hope that the fans will actually be able to pick up this Big Order, although it will still be quite difficult to do so due to the time limit. The community must also take Hellmire and Nivel 43 to free Fori Prime. get To Zagon Prime, who himself must be freed in order to win the campaign. In fact, players have more than two days to earn four planets, which may not be enough time.