They did it. That it was impossible and that all the odds were against them, but the scoundrels did it. Over the weekend, Arrowhead Game Studios completed the final phase of Operation Swift Disassembly, which is a tall order. Helldivers 2 players with delete robot automatons for good. Despite predictions that it would take longer than the allotted time, the players completed the objective. Made for robots. We won half of this war.

When Helldivers 2 first at launch, players faced off against the alien bug Terminids – until automatons suddenly invaded the other side of the galaxy, prompting a two-pronged war effort. The automatons quickly gained a reputation for their brutality, especially on the jungle planet of Malevelon Creek, later dubbed “Robot Vietnam” by the wider community. Since then, the Automata have been locked in place strife With Super Earth powers. At one point, the Terminids were about to reach Super Earth at the center of the galaxy, as players focused too much on the threat of Malevelon and Automaton on the other side of the war.

Things changed when Operation Swift Disassembly arrived. Aware of the players’ fixation on the Automata and the planets they captured, Arrowhead bent down and made it the goal of the game to concentrate all forces on the robotic threat. It wasn’t long before Super Earth freed the Automaton planets, including the crown jewel Malevelon Creek. Since then salvation last weeka holiday A decree was issued commemorating the war effort and capes were given in honor of the fallen. The rapid demolition didn’t end there, and heading into the weekend, Arrowhead issued one final order: Free the planets Tibit, Durgen, and Maia to destroy the automatons once and for all.

Helldivers 2 Gamers who love Arrowhead and its developer Joel’s mind games controls the flow of the galaxy war— expressed their reservations about the promise of peace. After all, freeing Malevelo was supposed to deal a fatal blow to the Automata, and instead they did is back with new enemy types. A similar thing happened when the players were told to contain the Terminids, who responded with flying bugs we hadn’t seen before. Despite this, Helldivers 2 players posted en masse and got the job done.

If you look at the galaxy map now, there is zero automaton existence to find out. It’s like we’ve turned back time to the first week Helldivers 2the lifetime of This is a beautiful (but questionable) sight. As of this writing, players have moved on to the next main sequence, which requires the liberation of three Terminid planets, two of which have already been liberated in record time. Hellmire, which is susceptible to insects, and fire tornadoes, will likely be released within a few hours, if not a day, allowing the Super Earth to cover the Terminids and lift them in “wide swaths.” I feel like Super Earth is getting a little too big for their britches and it’s going to bite them in the ass sooner rather than later.

And then of course there is the rumored third hostile faction To illuminatewhich have not yet appeared Helldivers 2. Now would be the perfect time for it, given the lack of automatons, as well as the pacification of the Terminids. surprise players— Arrowhead is clearly a fan of the work—with a third (perhaps the fourth) invasion to disrupt the peace they fought so hard for. There was their signs aroundso it’s just a matter of when they will appear if they will. No matter how you slice it, things show up too it’s good for Super Earth now, so proceed with caution.