Google IO 2022 pixel watch fitbit integration


  • A leak suggested that the Wi-Fi edition of the Google Pixel Watch could cost between $250 and $350.
  • Now, a source has backed up the leak by claiming that the price will be $349.
  • The watch is expected to be available in Obsidian, Chalk and Hazel versions

We have reported about one before leakage It has revealed the prices and color options of the Wi-Fi edition of the Google Pixel Watch. Now, a source seems to have confirmed some of those details.

according to 9To5Google, a retail source contacted the outlet to further verify today’s leak. But this time, instead of a range, there’s a specific price point. The leak suggests that the Wi-Fi model of the Pixel Watch will cost between $250 and $350. The requesting source 9To5Google claims the price will be $349.99.

As for the colors, the leak seems to be close to the confirmed ones. The source has provided details labeling the band color options for the Wi-Fi version as Obsidian (black), Chalk (silver) and Hazel (gold). However, the LTE model is expected to come in Obsidian, Charcoal (silver) and Hazel variants. Although Chalk and Coal are both described as silver, chalk is expected to be white in color compared to Coal, which is dark gray in color.

At $350, the Google Pixel Watch will have its work cut out for it, as the device will be more expensive than some of its main competitors. Hopefully, features like his Deep integration with Fitbit will be enough to justify the price.

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