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Jayden WayneAccording to 247Sports, the four-star prospect in the 2023 recruiting class, b Miami Saturday at CBS Sports Headquarters. Bradton, FloridaNative, ranked No. 36 overall in the class and No. 5 EDGE runner.

Wayne has chosen Miami from a shortlist of five finalists. Alabama, GeorgiaLSU, State of Michigan And Oregon. His commitment is the last in a strong Miami division under Coach Mario Christobal in his first year. He is the 13th member of the class, and his commitment will put the Miami 2023 team in the top 10 nationally. It is the second highest rated category in the ACC. Clemson.

247 Sports National Recruitment Analyst Chris Singlingari Scout Report Comparison of 6-5, 245-Pounder Michigan Defensive lineman – and current Green Bay Packer – Rasha Gary.

Good frame for weight and weight gain. As he matures and gains more strength in the weight class, he expresses his body composition and reaches his physical peak. Already enlisted in the 6-foot-4, he completed his 270-pound college career without losing his athletic ability.

Good first step and the ball explodes. It finds ground and causes the wound to swell immediately. Excellent pad level which gives the defender little space to hit as he rushes or runs. He shows good motor skills and wants to pursue good side effects. Good fluency and speed, easy and smooth effort on his feet. It breaks blocks and does a good job of chasing. He has all the equipment he needs in a well-known defensive line with strength and technical improvement. When you see him playing a wide receiver, you are exposed to how good the overall athlete is.

Wayne has a special player who not only attacks and defends but also plays. However, the capacity area is 18 yards, 269 yards and 5 touchdowns, depending on the receiver. On the defensive side he had 44 bags and 9 bags. Once he can focus primarily on defense, the sky’s the limit for him. His recruitment has seen schools in all power conferences chase him as part of their program. Once focused on playing the defense, the ceiling is high. I finally saw all the skills and features to make the NFL work.

Wayne must provide seven significant incentives for the Miami front. In 2022, it will be a hurricane defense that could be used to improve speeding, even if it does not help at all. Last season, they ranked 54th nationally in the world and 50th overall. In both categories, they are above the national average, with programs that are typically competitive College football Playgrounds will be specialized in the department.

Adding Wayne to the program is a step in the right direction for the hurricane to join that defense.

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