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Ryas is the character you will play as you experience a new story in his world The horizon.

Carja Sundom still suffers from bloody Red Raids, a campaign of brutal Carja attacks on neighboring tribes and ritual sacrifices. These raids, which destroyed countless lives, ended when the Mad Sun-King was overthrown by Awad, son of Jiran.

The subsequent upheavals of Jira’s rule tore apart the Karja clan, who were grateful for ending his remaining hold on Sundom, and soldiers loyal to the slain leader reformed as Carja in the Shadow, forcing their way into the castle at Sunfall.

The Bell of Horizon Mountain

the main character The Bell of Horizon Mountain, Ryas, was one such soldier. Having played a key role in kidnapping the young Prince Itame from his home in Meridian, Ryas wants to atone and regain his honor.

Ryas escaped execution after allowing himself to be caught and imprisoned by Carja. He is now recruited by Sun-King Avad and Blameless Marad. A master climber, archer and hunter, Ryas must earn his freedom in exchange for investigating a new threat. Guerrilla’s Studio story director Ben McCaw told us more: “Ryas went to the wrong side for the right reasons. His family fell apart and he was eventually arrested. This is the story of how he tries to come back from it.”

Ryas is dangerous adventure is ahead of him, and though he is the only one who can do it, he will not do it alone. Ben explains that while his past will affect these relationships, players will meet new characters and reunite with familiar ones along the way. “Ryas’ relationship with these characters, fighting for Shadow Karja, is adversarial at best. If he hopes to be accepted, he should go ahead and make amends.”

The Bell of Horizon Mountain

Take Hamin, for example, a brave soldier for Carja Sundom horrorThanks to his assignment as a Border Guard, Red Raids s. Even he cannot forgive or forget the atrocities committed by Shadow Karja, losing many friends and comrades in the conflict. Known for his sharp mind and quick temper, Hami is unhappy with the job of escorting Ryas. Hatred for what Ryas represents is just one of the problems he will face.

with The Bell of Horizon Mountainplayers will be able to experience the world The horizon from a new perspective, both with Ryas as an engaging new protagonist and through the PlayStation VR2 headset. With haptic feedback, intelligent eye tracking, and an ultra-wide field of view, the player is incredibly immersed, and Call of the Mountain puts them at the most thrilling heights in Sundom and beyond.

“We took it,” says Ben McCaw The horizon experience and build it from scratch Virtual reality. And we felt we needed a new hero for that. As a master climber, hunter and explorer, Ryas offers a perfect view of vast landscapes and dangerous wildlife. The horizon.”

The Bell of Horizon Mountain It will be released on February 22nd for PlayStation VR2.

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