While once the talk of the town among FPS enthusiasts, over the years Halo’s popularity has waned even among its most devoted fans. Since its inception, it has helped push the FPS genre forward on home consoles and is often considered one of the gold standards for FPS on consoles. We’ve seen numerous sequels, prequels and spin-offs; some were successful, some were not. Even the most recent release, Halo Infinite, drew a lot of criticism for its handling of multiplayer and the lack of split-screen, Forge, and online co-op game modes, some of which still don’t exist nine months after release. .

Unsurprisingly, Halo Infinite didn’t set the world on fire with these missing features that many expected at launch. Hopefully, with the addition of the content that fans want, it can one day fulfill the hope of many for a return to form for the franchise. Forge mode is slated for November, along with some new maps, weapons, and multiplayer updates. Still, the delay of season 3 to 2023 and the departure of the developers suggests that ongoing development is still finding its way.

With Halo 3 recently celebrating its 15th anniversary, it’s a great time to discuss the future of the franchise. It still holds a lot of promise, but many are understandably worried about its future, which brings us to today’s topic — how do you feel about Halo’s future?

Do you play Halo Infinite regularly, or has that ship sailed for you? Aside from the current plans for Halo Infinite, what is missing to help it rise to the top? Do you think Halo Infinite will finally get where it needs to be, or have you decided to wait for the next game in the franchise? Where would you like to see Halo go in the future? What can Halo Infinite do to become one of those games we look back on fondly instead of a cautionary tale? Let us know in the comments.

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