Back in November, Google announced that Gmail will display package and delivery tracking right in your inbox. If this feature is not already enabled, you can enable it manually in Gmail settings.

This new Gmail package tracking shows when the delivery arrived in the inbox view directly below the email. Truck icon and “Incoming [date]” in green.

In addition, Gmail has redesigned the information that appears when you open a message. It is now placed on the Dynamic Color card used for the background. In the upper left corner, you again get the image preview, name and delivery date (“From Carrier”). You can also see the store specific “Order Number” with the ability to make a quick copy. Below that is an online order timeline with shortcuts to “Track Package” and “Order Details”.

Compared to the previous design, if you have more than one item, you see less information abbreviated “Items”.

When the feature was announced in early November, Google said it would be available on Android and iOS in the coming weeks. Once available, there will be a “Track your packages in Gmail” card at the top of your inbox.

For those not required by the card, you can open Gmail Settings from the navigation box (on Android). > select your email address > go to “General”. > Package Tracking — “Google will share tracking numbers for your packages with carriers. You will get status updates here in Gmail.”

Open on iOS revised settings and go to “Data privacy” near the bottom.

While Google plans to “proactively display a delay label and bring email to the top of the inbox” in the coming months, you can turn it off if you prefer the old look. It’s also coming to Gmail on the web.

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