Graveyard Keeper: How To Acquire Oil

News: A cemetery guard can seem like a constant search for various items. At some point, the donkey asks to accept a carrot in return for transporting the corpse. However, the wheels also need oil to lubricate them. This guide explains in detail the steps to find oil in the Tomb Keeper.

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Retaining Oil initially involves traveling to the East Village. Go east until you meet a fearless individual named Digg. Despite his unique features, Digg serves as the main merchant of oil and essentials in Guardians of the Grave. Get seed oil from him for 30 copper. With up to 15 units, be sure to stock up on the amount you need. Dig also offers hemp-related products that can be useful in later stages of the game.

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After taking the essential oil, go to your inventory, select the essential oil and select the “Use” function. This step turns the seed oil into 10 drops of oil, ready to be applied to the ass. Feel free to repeat this process when the need for more oil arises in the future.

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You have the option of using a wine press to extract the oil from the fat. However, the method described above stands out as the fastest way to get oil in Tomb Guard without requiring any additional crafting or intermediate steps.

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Guardian of the grave, oil is used mainly in alchemy and cooking. It is an important ingredient for making different types of colors, which contributes to the creation of bright colors. In addition, oil is a key component in the production of polishing paste, which is necessary for polishing stone and glass surfaces. So stocking up on oil is useful for various activities in the game, increasing your skills in alchemy and crafting.

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Now you know more about finding oil in grave guard. If you need more guidance to navigate the game, browse the useful links provided below. Consider referencing the zombie guide as these undead allies can provide reliable help and can turn into useful allies during your game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is it possible to get oil from alternative sources?

A: You have the option of extracting oil from fat using a vin press. However, the most efficient method is to buy seed oil from the dig.

Q: What is the price of oil?

A: Seed oil can be bought from Dig for 30 copper.

Q: In Tomb Guard, what is oil used for?

A: Oil finds its primary use in alchemy and cooking. In addition, it is an essential ingredient for making and pasting paints.

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