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Players have discovered a new duplicate bug The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which allows you to infinitely replicate almost every item in your inventory, from diamonds to star fragments. This completely ruins the game’s economy. How to do it.

Unlike some glitches Breath of the Wildlatest duplicate error Tears of the kingdom drawing is both simple and quite simple. It also allows cloning rather than new weapons. All it requires is that the item you want to duplicate be attached to the axle and that you have two bows in your inventory. You can do this anytime, anywhere, and if you mess up, don’t worry, you won’t lose the item you’re trying to duplicate.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Take out the spring
  2. Press up on the D-pad and add the item you want to duplicate to it
  3. Press the start button to open your inventory
  4. Throw away the bow you supplied
  5. Fit a new spring
  6. Press the start button twice as quickly as possible to close and reopen the menu
  7. Throw away the bow you supplied
  8. Close your inventory screen
  9. Select both of the bows you threw back

If it worked, you now have the two items you are trying to duplicate. If not, simply try again. The only tricky part of this glitch is the time it takes to close and reopen the inventory screen. It should be indeed fast. The idea is to have Link throw both bows within the same animation, seemingly stacking them and tricking the game into thinking that both are items on the arrow.

But once you master the glitch, the sky’s the limit. Almost anything can be attached to arrows, from cooking ingredients and monster parts to rare gems and Zonai devices. For example, diamonds are sold for 500 rupees each. Tears of the kingdom‘s economy is very stingy Breath of the Wildof so easy money comes in handy.

Rare monster parts like Black Horns and Gibdo Bones are also very useful as they can now be combined with weapons to greatly increase their power. Breeding them is an easy way to never need powerful swords or powerful elixir mixers for that matter. Or you can be like me and stuff your pockets with dozens of Zonai rockets make all kinds of absurd war machines.

If you don’t want to go wild with the glitch, it might still be a good idea to fill your inventory with extra copies of a few of your rarer items. If Breath of the Wild‘s update history is any indication, this glitch won’t last long. Although the tricks of replication are emerging rapidly new Switch games these daysit probably won’t be long before the community finds others too.

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