God of War Ragnarok is more than just a game of family bonding and bone-crushing brutality, as it frequently throws puzzles at Kratos and Atreus. Like 2018’s God of War, these brain teasers usually require you to use recently acquired tools and skills to solve them, and are a fun breather after more intense combat sequences.

The problem here is, as several people have pointed out online, God of War Ragnarok doesn’t give you much time to solve these puzzles before one of your companions starts offering solutions. It should be noted that you have the option to extend the time allotted to you to successfully complete these mysteries, but for some people, this is not long enough.

You’ll want to go here to find this option choices, gameand then select puzzle time. choose Extended + and you will have more time to understand the secrets of the kingdoms.

This is the option you're looking for, boy.
This is the option you’re looking for, boy.

God of War Ragnarok isn’t the first Sony game to feature a significant amount of hand-holding. In Horizon Forbidden West, released in February, Aloy constantly talks to herself about solving puzzles, which became a point of criticism for players. For now, the only foolproof way to get through God of War Ragnarok’s puzzles without any backseat adventurers is to turn off the subtitles and mute the sound.

There will be an upcoming patch Add photo mode to God of War Ragnarok since launch, and Sony’s first-party games have a good track record with updates that include new features and additions, so more time to mull over level mystery can finally get into the game.

If you need more non-companion help, you can check out GameSpot’s hub God of War Ragnarok guides. You can read more How Ragnarok crafting works, Where to get Frozen Flame and Chaos Flame, where to find all tears of hel and more.

“For every moment of brutality, there’s a real and relatable emotion,” Tamoor Hussain wrote in GameSpot.God of War Ragnarok review. “How they land varies from person to person, but there were plenty of things that left me in tears. If nothing else, God of War Ragnarok further cements Sony Santa Monica’s story team as one of the best in the business.”

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