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Struggling to eat better this New Year? Eggs, as it turns out, may not be a bad option.

The breakfast favorite has been a point of contention among experts and health professionals, with conflicting evidence and advice regarding eggs and cholesterol.

But one nutritionist says he’s cracked the code: Protein-packed foods aren’t as healthy as you might think, depending on how they’re prepared.

According to Dr. Kellyanne Petrucci, a board-certified naturopath and certified nutrition consultant based in Pennsylvania. Delish Eggs provide many nutrients under their shell: riboflavin, iron, zinc, phosphorus, folate, choline, and several different vitamins.

“Choline helps build strong and resilient cell membranes, and plays an important role in methylation – the process of ‘turning on’ and ‘turning off’ genes,” Petrucci Dish.

“High choline intake may help prevent depression, memory loss and anxiety.”

The breakfast favorite has historically come with strong health warnings, but experts say that may be a myth. dusanpetkovic1 –
Choline, one of the many nutrients contained in an egg, provides many health benefits. Voltage –

And even better, eggs “don’t really hurt your cholesterol,” she says.

“And research suggests that eggs do a pretty good job of changing cholesterol,” she adds.

Recent studies have suggested The amount of cholesterol in our body has no effect on the dietary cholesterol we use in food.

according to Health lineSome studies have shown little difference in the effect of egg-heavy versus egg-free diets on cholesterol levels or the ratio of “good” to “bad” cholesterol. However, some studies have linked eggs to a higher risk of heart disease and called for consumption “in moderation”.

Conflicting evidence about the effects of dietary cholesterol on the body has prompted health experts to recommend eating eggs in moderation. Getty Images / iStockphoto

But before you start spreading out your breakfast favorites, Petrucci warns that traditional pairings — like sausage and bacon — may pose their own health risks due to their high fat and sodium content.

according to Mayo ClinicThose items, along with the cooking oil or butter you use to cook your fried eggs, can cause more damage than the eggs themselves. Instead, Petrucci recommends cooking eggs from grass-fed cows in butter or jam.

In fact, nutritionists tout eggs as a cure-all for ailments like hangovers, though one Post reporter found the remedy did nothing to soothe an upset stomach or wash away a morning-after migraine.

But some experts swear by the nutritional superpowers of eggs, recommending against “skipping” the breakfast. Getty Images

Currently, experts recommend that healthy adults can Safely eat up to seven eggs a weekBut these guidelines may change soon.

Jerlyn Jones, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Heart Association, said Fox 5 Atlanta They claim that eggs are a “source of nutritional power”.

“They’re full of protein vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and antioxidants,” Jones explains, advocating for a varied diet. “So they’re good for your eyes, and they’re good for your heart. So don’t skip the eggs.

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