A woman who suffers from hair loss due to trichotillomania.

While in elementary school, Ahlia Paul had been in contact with Trichotillomania. (By Paul)

Comedian earlier this year Amy Schumer She reveals the “big secret” she has struggled with for years.

Hair Loss Problem Unable to remove hair from any part of the body, including repetitive cravings, skulls, eyebrows and eyelids.

“I think everyone has a big secret, and this is mine,” said Schumer. Of Hollywood Reporter.

The condition is often as serious as cosmetics, but trichomoniasis is a recognizable mental illness that can be exacerbated and exacerbated by anxiety and depression. For some, hair loss is a must-have. They say it is because they are bored or angry with others Research Published in Journal of Behavioral Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry.

In most cases, trichomoniasis starts small, but can be rapidly out of control.

“The nerve ticking started where I started waving my hair… Then I went to put the ends in my mouth and finally I started chewing some of the ends.” Allah PaulYahoo Life, who has been in contact with Trichotillomania since high school, tells Yahoo Life.

It was only when Paul was forced to go to high school that she began to straighten her hair.

“I only have to shave my head and shave off an uncontrollable habit,” Paul shares.

Now 25 years old, Paul is still struggling with hair loss and has chosen to embrace baldness to protect his choice. She uses a wig to help control her desires, but she believes that wigs are free after her wig.

“It’s like the maximum I can go a month before I wake up, and I feel like, ‘Oh my God, I have to choose again,'” she says.

After puberty, hormonal changes, combined with changes in mental health, aggravate the urge to have sex. For Chloe Hamlow, 21, she started picking her hair in her junior high school. “I was always struggling with anxiety but it was very frustrating at that time and that’s when I started to pull,” Hamlow told Yahoo Life. In a state of deep depression, Hamlo admits that she did not even notice that her mother was pulling her hair unless she noticed the posters.

A little bad plaster from a young woman pulling her hair out.

Chloe Hamlo did not realize how difficult it was to pull her hair until her mother pointed it out. (Posted by Chloe July)

“She said, ‘Why is your hair so short right there?’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ And she took a picture and I was like ‘holy evil’, ”says Hamlo. Still, Hamlo found herself in the habit of pulling her hair and sharing her story. Her TikTok as well as.

“It never hurts, it’s just a feeling of relief,” she says. Hamlo said she was managing the pick-up but did not do it in any way.

“I was really doing well last year, my hair was getting thicker, but it came back to haunt me, and it’s very interesting,” she said. Retreat is never appropriate, but Hamlo is learning to grow grace for herself as she manages gender challenges. “If I can only limit the amount I pull, I tell myself, I’m fine, it’s good for me,” she said.

Although trichomoniasis is not only visible to the head; Many are dragged from their whips and whips.

Avoid pulling them in the face of a young woman with some missing eyebrows.

Jennifer Dio’s trichomoniasis mainly affects her skin and eyelids. (Supported by Jennifer Dio)

“I felt as if I had taken out my eyelids all night,” said Jennifer Dio, a partner. Online “Trich Tricks” To help those who are looking for ways to understand and manage trichomoniasis – something she has not grown up with.

Deyo told Yahoo Life that her struggles with Trichotomania had slowed down until the college was completely relieved. “I didn’t have internet access or I didn’t know what it was [trichotillomania] “It was the early 90’s, and unlike my peers, I had to go to school, and I didn’t even have makeup or anything to hide what I was doing.”

A painting by Jennifer Dio's school with trichotillomania.

Dio spent most of her adolescence believing that she was alone. (Supported by Jennifer Dio)

She adds: “There was a lot of stress, a different environment, I didn’t have a family, things like that, so I started pulling again.”

At this point in her life, Dio was able to hide a little of her choice, but she was still isolated.

“I really thought I was the only person on the planet. [with trichotillomania] Because she had never heard of it before, she says: “We didn’t have internet access.

It was forgotten. Cosmopolitan Magazine article opens Dio’s eyes to the world of trichotillomania.

“A friend of mine brought it Cosmo I accidentally left the magazine at home. ” “And I was flipping through their magazines, and they had an article about the problem of hair pulling and they mentioned tricothilomania. I have never seen this word before and I am very calm. “

At the age of 39, Deyo now has decades of experience in Trichotomania, and as she has done in the past, she uses social media to help others who feel marginalized.

“It was these girls who even got all these websites and all these resources. [still] “My God, I thought I was the only one,” says Deyo. “So it was really satisfying to keep no one from feeling this way again.”

While trichotillomania It usually starts between 10 and 13 years of age.Some young children are also involved in hair-raising. Model Anna Gant tells Yahoo Life that she had trichomoniasis before she was 5 years old. When she grew up, she shared that Gant would pull out her genital hair in addition to her lashes and lashes.

“This means it’s crazy, but it’s real,” Gantt says. “I woke up the hair of adolescence.”

Black and white photo of model Anna Gantt.

Anna Gantt has been in contact with Trichotomia since she was four years old. (By Anna Gantt)

As examined earlier, Gantt is still in a state of isolation and confusion due to the pull of her hair.

“My parents didn’t understand how to deal with eyelids at first, so I was shot and things were taken away,” she said. Eventually, Gantt took medication, but she did not like it.

“This really took my whole personality away,” she says. “It helped me to stop taking my eyelids for a short time, but I realized that I wanted to be myself and live my life without hair.”

The 23-year-old now uses gloves Her TikTok To represent trichotillomania inclusiveness in the modeling space and is currently represented by the administrator and the situation.

Gantt continued to push for trichotillomania inclusiveness: “It is important for me to be represented by the same person.

When she felt the urge, she said, “I still want to get rid of the lashes,” and she said, “Basically, I may not have eyebrows again.”

“I know it will relieve stress at this point. So it’s something I allow myself to do, and I stop being bad to myself.”

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