No one can come into your mind as a brother or a sister.

One woman showed a special scar on her forehead and rebelled against the audience. This is after she ‘ate the twins in her womb.’ Now: Virus Clip Details of her sudden sorority It currently has over 5.1 million views on TikTok.

“I was a hungry fetus,” she said after taking her brother or sister to her head on a prenatal fiasco clip.

One woman in particular suffered a miscarriage, such as a miscarriage when she was carrying several babies, but one of them stopped growing because of a genetic disorder. Cleveland Clinic reports.

Eventually, the missing twin tissue will be incorporated into the parent and the living fetus – just like Caley. Thankfully, this process is completely harmless to the mother and the fetus, according to C.C.

One woman described the scars left over when she ate a man in her womb.
One woman described the scars left on her twins as “a man-eater” – but in reality the twins’ syndrome was a reality.
TikTok / @verrilame

Clay painted the scene in my womb. “Nine months is too long to stay in the womb,” she joked.

The prenatal man added, “However, like me, she was a stubborn person. Instead of swallowing, she decided to stick it on her forehead.

Then, with the scars on her forehead, Kalay was told, “Everyone has bones, teeth, and hair in them.”

Fortunately, to say the least, the twins were separated at birth. “They decided not to affect my skull, and my sister and I are here,” said the surviving twin.

A photo of Caley after she met him "Infant swelling" Removed.
Calley’s image after removing her “baby swell”.
TikTok / @verrilame

as if A monitoring clip with nearly 750,000 views, Kaley shared a photo of a newborn baby playing with a coin-sized fist on her forehead. The next photo shows her with a bandage between her eyes as doctors remove her sister’s body.

Needless to say, Tick Talk Peanut Gallery has a ghoulish VTS story on it.

“I didn’t expect this,” said one goer. Hands down “

One Tick Talk comedian wrote:

Even YouTube star Francesca Farago shouted “Omgggg”.

Another observer said: “She has been telling me that story all her life. Caly replied: “The story was always ‘I ran into a wall.’

According to the Cleveland Clinic, VTS is very difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are similar to those experienced by women in the first months of pregnancy. These include cramps, mild bleeding, or spotting, as well as pelvic and back pain.

In general, the condition that affects women over the age of 30 is most often found in the clinic during “pregnancy ultrasound.”

“If one of the fetuses on the previous ultrasound is not on the next ultrasound, your provider will be able to diagnose the vanishing twin syndrome,” he writes. “In some cases, your provider may find fetal tissue from the twins that are lost in your breast after giving birth.”

In another unusual twin pregnancy in June, a California couple became pregnant with their youngest daughter Five days after conception Another girl.

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