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May 13, 2023 | 3:57 p.m


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A woman from Australia She expressed her solidarity by revealing that she has had three types of skin cancer since 2009. “Terrible” journey on TikTok.

“This is the true face of skin cancer,” said Melissa Lewis, 48. It was revealed in a viral clip She showed her bright red skin after receiving carbon dioxide laser photodynamic therapy.

She said her eyes finally opened after swelling – but were still a bit blurry. She covered her nose so she could wear her glasses.

“Everybody just has to protect their skin,” Lewis said. “Skin is good for no one. I wish I knew a time 30 years ago when we didn’t know about sun safety.

The mother of four remembers spending hours in the sun as a child to get her skin pierced.

“This is the real face of skin cancer,” Melissa Lewis, 48, said in a viral TikTok clip.

“Everybody take care,” Lewis advised in the video, which has attracted 2.7 million views since it was posted in February.

Lewis later posted one Update to TikTok After 10 days to show how the skin cares.

It was still a little pink, but cleared up.

“It’s been a brutal week,” she captioned the clip.

“It’s still red, but oh my god. What a difference,” Lewis said. But guess what, it’s still there.

She explained that the “skin cancer is still hiding behind her skin” and that she still has “a few lesions” that need biopsies, but the treatment is showing promising results.

Lewis says she will have to undergo carbon dioxide laser photodynamic therapy once a year for the rest of her life because it is “the only way to prevent skin cancer.”

“Take care of yourselves. stay strong. Be healthy,” she encouraged her audience.

“Everybody just needs to take care of their skin,” Lewis admits to spending summers carelessly developing tans as a child.

The Post has reached out to Lewis for comment.

The red head he saw He told the Daily Mail. Skin cancer never manifested itself with the typical symptoms of a “dodgy-looking mole”—rather, it appeared as scaly or uneven skin.

“I had melanoma, and it looked like nothing. In fact, it took two dermatologists to diagnose. “They had to look through a microscope to find my face,” she explained to the ceremony.

Dermatologists She said they found bruises on her body from 2009 to 2018. She was later diagnosed with breast cancer, which forced her to take a year off from skin cancer treatments; And she died of sepsis after a gynecological procedure gone wrong.

After a decade of grueling medical conditions, Lewis’s most common attack is skin cancer – prompting her to share her journey online.

“Skin is good for no one. “I wish I knew a time 30 years ago when we didn’t know about sun safety,” she continued.

Doctors found basal cell carcinoma on her nose, shoulder and chest, she said.

They also reportedly took a biopsy of a suspicious lesion on her forehead that turned out to be Bowen’s disease, an early stage skin cancer also known as squamous cell carcinoma.

To make matters worse, surgeons removed a small melanoma from her ear that had to be reconstructed.

“It was a complete shock because that word is synonymous with cancer – this is the upper stage because the melanoma has gone to the deeper layers of the skin and is about to invade,” she explained.

“I was very lucky because it was caught at level 0 – it didn’t go into the vein yet.”

Annual photodynamic therapy treatments help keep her healthy, she says.

“Take care, everyone,” she advises TikTokers.

Daylight includes photodynamic therapy (photosensitizing agents) and drugs called light to kill cancer cells.

Lewis likens the process to “scraping the surface of the skin with sandpaper” to exfoliate. The skin burns and peels for several days.

“It was a real journey, and my confidence was shaken because your face is how you present yourself to the world,” she said.

She wishes she had taken better care of her skin and worn sunscreen when she was a teenager.

“Looking back now, if I could find a moment to pull my younger self aside, I’d say – ‘Listen, what you’re doing now might be fun, but you’ll pay for it in the future. And it could cost you your life,'” Lewis said.

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