The situation surrounding Giants receiver Kenny Golladay could soon come to a head.

The most paid pass holder is expected to be active Tonight’s game against the CowboysHoping to be more productive than he has been in the first two weeks, there is another opportunity to show that he can complete the new coaching staff for New York.

If it doesn’t happen in Dallas and the story about his playing time continues to play out, there are options.

Among them: The Giants could trade Golladay to an interested party, and the only way it would work is if New York pays most of his contract to replace a late pick. This is possible.

Sources say Golladay was fine in the building during today’s game. He does all the right things and has been a positive influence in the locker room. He was honest when he spoke, but not bombastic.

Golladay played just two snaps last week, while fourth-year receiver David Sills played 67. In the eyes of the coaches and decision-makers, Sills gets more separation than Golladay and deserves playing time.

“No matter what, I have to play, that’s the fact,” Golladay He told reporters. Obviously this week.

Coach Brian Daboll responded: “I have a lot of respect for Kenny. I’m glad he’s happy he didn’t play — it shows competitiveness. But he was professional. And we’ll see how it goes this week.”

Currently, the situation is stable. If Golladay gets frustrated or his relationship with New York becomes more problematic, the Giants could make a move. Evacuation will be a last resort.

Trade-offs are possible. Simply put, the Giants eat a lot of salary, allowing another team to effectively trade for Golladay at a lower cost.

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