ST. Louis – Aaron Nola and Jetty Rilumuto’s Philis’ starting lineup in a 6-1 defeat to the St. Louis Cardinals at Bush Stadium on Monday night.

It has been announced that they will not be heading to Toronto for their two-match series on Tuesday night.

Canada needs Covide-19 vaccine to enter Canada.

Both players are not vaccinated and do not regret it.

Nola’s explanation for not getting the vaccine was “I just don’t want to do it”.

Realmuto was a little wider on the subject.

“I’m a healthy 31-year-old professional athlete and I don’t feel like I need to,” he said. When I first came out, I had two CVs, very mild symptoms. I didn’t think I needed it.

“I didn’t take it just because I was told it was basically.”

Rilumuto, Nola, Alec Bohem and Kyle Gibson were also not vaccinated. Boh may release the left ring finger on Monday night and remove the restricted list. He It can be included in the affected list Instead.

Players on the blacklist will not be paid. Realmuto will lose more than $ 262,000 – more than a quarter of a million dollars – because of a trip to Toronto.

“If I don’t let Canada tell me what I’m doing and how much money do I have to keep it in my body?” Realmuto said. “For a little money, it’s not worth it.”

Substitute Garrett Stubbs is expected to start in Toronto on Tuesday night. Prior to arriving in Philadelphia, Realumuto, who played in Miami, arranged to play at a local baseball club.

Non-swimming Phils have the support of their teammates. Kyle Schwartz It was so beautiful Early Monday.

“It is a tragedy,” says Realmuto. “Of course my teammates know how I feel about them and how bad I want to be with them but sadly I can’t make the trip.”

The Filipinos are heading to Toronto a little lower than Bohum’s injury and unvaccinated exiles.

The team began its four-match tour in St. Louis with two opening victories on Friday and Saturday. Those victories – 1-0 and 2-0 – gave the Falcons a two-game lead over the Cardinals to take their last NL wild card spot.

The loss of the Filipinos will put them back into an imaginary bond with the cards on Sunday afternoon and Monday night, although the Palestinians have a percentage of the lead and, if necessary, have an equalizer ahead of them, after winning four of the seven meetings. Consecutive seasons.

“It’s really disappointing (not to win the series), especially after we started 2-0. “After losing yesterday, we feel confident that we will win the series tonight. It’s hard to lose two in a row, but that’s a good team and that will happen. We have to change the page and finish it this week.

Aside from resolving the division, the most frustrating part of the series is the destruction of the Felix. He has created just seven runs in four games.

The films lost 3-1 in the middle of Sunday and lost 4-3. Rhys Hoskins led Homer 1-0 on Monday night with a 4-0 win over Nola. Nola shifted his focus from the quick ball to the broken ball in the fifth inning and stopped four hits and three runs.

In the seventh, Nola allowed Albert Pujles to lead twice. Cory Dickerson followed with a two-run homer.

Pujles doubles his 1,378th extra-base in his career, surpassing Cardinal legend Stan Musal for the third time.

Nola is 5-7 with a 3.35 ERA. There will be one more start in Miami over the weekend before the star break.

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