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He’s aging in reverse – literally.

Chris Mirabile, founder and CEO of NOVOS, a consumer longevity biotech company, says he’s 39 years old. Biological age He’s 23 years old, and now he’s sharing his tips with the world.

Although biological age tests can be controversial, A professional They say they are a good indicator of the amount of “damage” in your body.

The test aims to measure the rate of aging of your body.

Mirabile, who survived a brain tumor at a young age, says some antiaging hacks don’t cost a fortune and are easy to implement into your own routine.

When appearing on John Barrows “do it” Podcast in August 2022, Mirabile shares his most powerful tips with his audience — and it’s easier than you might expect.

“150 minutes of moderate exercise per week is enough to extend your health and lifespan by a significant margin,” he said on the podcast.

Chris Mirabile is 39 years old – but says his biological age is around 23.
Slow down my age

If you go for a brisk 20-minute walk every day, it will take you to 150 minutes, he explained. Mirabil recommends doing bodyweight exercises twice a week, especially focusing on your legs.

Regular exercise can support brain health, strengthen your muscles and bones, and even help reduce your risk of disease. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mirabile recommends squats as a good bodyweight exercise, starting with 20 repetitions to build endurance. He said you can even do this while watching TV.

according to Daily MailMirabile himself works out six times a week, divided into three cardio sessions and three weight lifting sessions.

“I don’t mean anything crazy by intensity,” he told the Daily Mail. “So, anything I can fit into my schedule, like a six- to eight-mile run, 45 minutes to an hour — and I have to make sure I don’t push myself too hard.”

He emphasized the importance of intermittent fasting, healthy eating and exercise.
Slow down my age

Another tip Mirabile mentioned is the importance of intermittent fasting, and making sure you have a 12-hour window where you eat – at least.

“One of the most important things to think about is your eating window, when you eat,” Mirabile said on the podcast.

He cited a researcher at the Salk Institute in California. Dr. Sachidananda Panda, Explaining that it is better to eat in a short time.

“The smaller your eating window, the better for your overall health,” Mirabile said on the podcast.

“Studies show that, for example, two people can eat the same food, but if they eat it over a shorter period of time, it will have better health outcomes in terms of cardiovascular risk and so on.”

Mirabile says he eats 90% healthy food, especially on weekdays, reports The Daily Mail.

Common foods in his diet include broccoli, Brussels sprouts and berries – but he doesn’t hesitate to indulge in a treat by indulging in two “cheat meals” around once a week.

Eating within a 12-hour window is important, he said.
Getty Images / iStockphoto
But he admits he doesn’t shy away from eating a cheat meal here and there.
Getty Images / iStockphoto

“So on Friday night I might have pizza and then on Saturday I might have dessert but I try not to eat pizza and dessert at the same time because that’s too much at once,” he told .

A good night’s sleep is also important, he said. Daily Mail.

Good sleep is important for anyone’s physical and emotional well-being, and is recommended by Cleveland Clinic Adults can reach seven to eight hours a night.

He is the founder and CEO of consumer longevity biotech NOVOS.
Slow down my age
He also says that a 20-minute brisk walk every day can help you reach your goal of 150 minutes of exercise per week.
Getty Images / iStockphoto
Mirabile survived a brain tumor at a young age.
Slow down my age

According to the Clinic, sleep also helps your nervous system function.

The Post has contacted Mirabil for comment.

However, Mirabile is not the only person who claims to have a younger biological age.

Dr. Mark Hyman says he is 63 years old but his biological age is 43.

In his list of recommendations, he recommends talking about smoothies, meditation and cold falls, among others.

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