OUR eyes are said to be ‘windows to the soul’.

But they can also allow you to gain a better understanding of your overall health.

Eyes are key to our health and one expert has warned they could be harbouring secrets about your overall wellness


Eyes are key to our health and one expert has warned they could be harbouring secrets about your overall wellnessCredit: Getty

While you might think your issue is just eye-related, one expert said there are signs your peepers can display that could highlight problems such as burnout or even diabetes.

Medics recently said that your blinkers can help detect early signs of age related macular degeneration which can lead to problems with vision and sight.

In order to test this you should cover one eye.

Gurus explained: “Looking directly at a door or window frame cover one eye with your hand, then alternate and repeat.

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“If your vision doesn’t stay straight and focused and there are any gaps, blurring, distortion or wavy lines you should get your eyes checked immediately.

“These could suggest eye-related changes.”

Contact Lens Optician at LenstoreSujata Paul, said you might not even realize these changes have been building up.

Here are the six things you need to look out for.

1. White spots

Sujata said that white spots on your cornea, the part of the eye that allows light to enter the inside, could be a warning sign.

The expert explained: “Contact lens wearers are at a higher risk of suffering an eye infection if the proper duty and care is not followed when putting in and removing your lenses.

“If you notice any white spots on your cornea, then this could be an indication of a corneal infection or systemic response which would need to be checked by a medical professional.

“Hence contact lens compliance is of high importance for all contact lens wearers.”

2. Twitches

You’ve probably experienced an eye twitch if you’re overly tiredand Sujata said there is a variety of reasons, such as overindulging in alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine.

Whilst most of these are harmless, the guru said it can be an early warning sign of burnout.

“Physical exertion, fatigue & stress are key triggers.

“If an eye twitch persists, it could be your body’s way of telling you to take some time off and manage your workload.”

3. Puffy and red

If you wake up and find that your eyes are looking puffy and red, it could be an allergic reactioninfection or extreme fatigue, Sujata warned.

“It could be your eye’s way of telling you that your body needs more rest.”

They explained that while an eye twitch is a common sign of tiredness, redness is too.

4. Blurred vision

Whilst blurred vision may simply be an indication that your prescription needs updating, it can also be an early sign of more serious issues such as irregularities in diabetes or cataracts.

Sujata explained: “High blood sugar level spikes can damage the blood vessels in the retina.

“The damaged blood vessels become swollen, bleed or may leak fluid. This can result in the inability to see with a clear focus and detect details in objects.

“This can occur in just one or both eyes.

“Most people will notice their vision improving as their blood sugar levels regulate.”

When it comes to cataracts, this is the breakdown of protein found inside the lens that mass together forming cloudy patches.

Sujata explained that as the lens is responsible for the amount of light that enters the eye, the cataract can reduce the light from entering, which can lead to hazy and blurry vision. It creates a thin curtain veil covering the eyes.

“Cataracts can either affect one or both eyes and tends to occur later in life.

“If blurred vision persists, then booking an eye exam with your optician will allow them to diagnose any potential issues based on a full eye examination.”

5. Rings

You need to pay particular attention to your corneas as rings around them could be a sign of high cholesterol.

“If your cholesterol is becoming an issue, your eyes are an early indicator as fatty deposits known as lipids will begin to form and create a ring around the outside of your cornea.

“Those under 40 should keep an extra look out for these, as it can be a sign of extreme cholesterol levels which would require an appointment with both your optician and GP,” Sujata said.

6. Floaters

Those little worm like shapes that pass you by are usually nothing to worry about.

But if they sit alongside flashes and large sets of floaters, then it could be a sign of a serious issue.

“If the more frequent occurrence of floaters is accompanied by temporary vision loss or perceived flashing lights, then it could be indicative of retinal detachment.

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“This condition is a medical emergency and may quickly lead to loss of vision or permanent vision impairment if left untreated.

“If you ever suspect you have the symptoms of retinal detachment, contact an eyecare professional immediately,” Sujata added.

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