Las Vegas – The Oklahoma City Thunder Earlier in the week, they traveled to Las Vegas for a 2-1 win over Salt Lake City. Choose number 2 in the draft, Chet HolmgrenHe performed in the NBA debut, Post 23 points, seven rebounds, six blocks and four assists In the victory over Utah Jazz.

The next game was Jelly (and a total of 12 picks). Second-year scorer in the final game before heading to Vegas Josh Gideon He had one of the best summer polls so far when he put Malik Ellison on a poster, going beyond the polls and organizing the opposition.

All of this is very promising for a young team that has won just 46 games in the last two seasons. Holmgren was the winning choice in the 2022 NBA Draft, but don’t ignore the other players they picked – No. 11 Osman Ding (6-foot-10, 7-foot wingspan), No. 12 Williams (6-6, 7-2 Wings), And No. 34 picks Jillie Williams (6-10, 7-1 Wing). All four long-distance athletes can slide between places.

“This may not be the year because this team needs to know how to play together, but Thunder will be one of the best defensive teams in the league,” an NBA scout told Yaho Sports. “Where everyone else is, Sam Preste has a team of 6-foot-6-plus, passing and a lot of athleticism. Each. With Gideon, [Shai] Gilgees-Alexander and [Lu] Dortmund? so funny”

Gideon, a 6-8 point guard from Australia, was the first part of the puzzle when the Thunder took his sixth overall pick in the 2021 draft (also added defenders Trey Mann, Aaron Wiggins and forward Jeremiah Robinson-Arl). Last season, Guy was named the best Western Conference Rocky of the Month for three consecutive months away from the field due to a hip injury last season.

Gideon returned to court in Utah for the first time in four months and appeared comfortable with his new teammates. Holmgren consistently found the right place in the polls and pop, and he found Gideon playing the line when he got in line or when the ball was in transit. Last season, he averaged 6.4 assists per game in more than 50 games. In three games in Utah, Gideon produced 28 decimals, much to the amazement of his fans.

Oklahoma City's Chet Holgren and Josh Gidi play Utah Jazz at the Vivet Arena in Salt Lake City on July 5, 2022.  (Images by Alex Goodlet / Getty)

Oklahoma City’s Chet Holgren and Josh Gidi play Utah Jazz at the Vivet Arena in Salt Lake City on July 5, 2022. (Images by Alex Goodlet / Getty)

“I feel good to be back in court and play with these newcomers,” said Gedei after his first game. “This is our first game together and we’ve got smaller things and the more we play the more it grows and grows and in this short period of time everything we think about now is a bonus.”

NBA staff, who were skilled in the first few games, were more than impressed by the way 19-year-old Gideon took over the youth team as Thunder General.

“The way Gideon holds the ball in his hand will free everyone on the court,” another NBA scout told Yaho Sports. “It will be difficult for these summer league teams to stop playing football with those who can see the defense and the way the kill turns color.”

The first three games in Salt Lake City were not the most impressive of the balls or flashes, but their impact on defense. The thunderstorm hit the gaps, changing everything and shooting everywhere with Holgren and 7-foot-1 Alexander Pokowski.

“I’m very happy and this is a special group of men and I look forward to what we have to build,” Gedi said. “I can’t wait for the training camp when we support things to start for the season.”

Joining the veterans in training camp strengthens the defensive prowess of being one of the best young defenders in the league with Dortmund and Gidius-Alexander in the backyard.

Thunder still has an impressive 38 draft picks (19 in the first round and 19 seconds) over the next seven years, something no other team has done. As General Manager Sam Presti continues to build something unique, there are many freedoms and options.

With so many draft picks ahead, many wonder if Oklahoma City will try to stockpile it next season. French event Victor Wembanyama And G League Ignite point guard Scoot Henderson Waiting in the wings 2023 NBA Draft.

“We want to be better than last year,” Gideon said. “As long as we don’t improve and improve, I think we will be good, whether it’s a game or not. We have a very hard-working men’s team and I can’t wait to see where they all go.

Many teams are already working for a year to put the draft franchise in place next year.

The Jazz traded Rudy Gobert and Royce O’Neill and won five first-round picks and turnovers in the process. The San Antonio Spurs had three options in the first round and prepared young and talented players to stay and grow in the G League. Speaking to scouts around the league in Las Vegas, many believe Spurs are preparing for the next five seasons. The Indiana Passers and the Houston Rockets are still two other teams in the rebuilding phase.

This leaves a thunderstorm. With their draft picks (including a first-round pick and two second-round picks next year), the thunder does not need to add another key player to this young and talented team. Only one group will receive Wembaniyaman’s potential generational talent. only one. The current team may not be worth the effort to put players in order to hinder the growth and chemistry that can be built.

The next day, Holmgren called Gideon and wanted to go to the gym as soon as he landed in Oklahoma City. They both exercised and finished the game one by one.

“He hit me right away and when he got into town he wanted to go to the gym, and since then I knew we had a special talent,” Gede told Yaho Sport. “We started playing one-on-one and I knew it would be a handful for the boys to protect him. He may look thin, but he is strong and strong holding the ball in his hand. He won.

“I can’t wait to continue playing with him, and we’re both team-first players and we want to win. What we’re building here will be special.”

It is hard to imagine that the front office could close the gap on the growth of this dangerous youth group by opening the gap on the floor of the summer league and finding Holmgren, Pokusevski, Williams or any of the peaks and pop. The thunderstorm quietly set Franchise’s future under everyone’s nose and it was only a matter of time before everything began to gather in court.

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