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What you need to know

  • Google provides software that allows users to detect unknown phishing/spam calls in real-time and warns users to end the call before giving out their personal information.
  • Circle to search can now solve complex math and physics problems by providing a step-by-step process and examples that help the user understand the concepts better.
  • The already available Talk Back feature will now be able to provide accurate descriptions of photos shared by friends or family.
  • That said, Gemini pops up in other apps as needed and helps users create images that can be dropped into Gmail, Google Messages, or other apps.
  • The new Gemini 1.5 can also provide more information about YouTube videos when stopped via “Ask this video”.

Artificial intelligence took center stage at this year’s Google I/O, so much so that it was used 121 times throughout the presentation. With artificial intelligence now at the heart of most Android devices and operating systems, some of the new updates discussed at this year’s event, specifically Serving Android users.

One thing we noticed at this year’s I/O, the most useful addition to Android phones, is the detection of phishing scams.