Intel tempers expectations for its upcoming Arc A750 Limited Edition GPU. In the new video it’s only three minutes, the shortest the chipmaker gives us about the card’s performance on fairly average paper.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that the A750 is supposed to be one of Intel’s top-end GPUs, as indicated by the “7” in front of its name. Sitting below the Arc 7 in Intel’s naming conventions are the Arc 5 and Arc 3, which offer midrange and entry-level performance, respectively.

Intel’s Ryan Shrout jumps in during the video Cyberpunk 2077 On a PC with an A750 chip, and instead of giving us a long look at the game, Shrout jumps right into the performance. With the game set to a “high quality” preset and a resolution of 2560 x 1440, Shrout says the card averages “a bit” of 60 frames per second (FPS), which isn’t bad, but not necessarily what you want. Expect from a company like Intel debuting discrete graphics cards.

Intel’s Arc A750 performs 1.06-1.15 times better than the standard RTX 3060.
Image: Intel

Shrout shows the next set of tests, showing how well the card compares to the entry level Nvidia GeForce RTX3060. In games like Intel Arc A750 it performs 1.06-1.15 times better than the standard RTX 3060. Cyberpunk 2077, F1 2021, Control, Borderlands 3, and Fortnite. But these benchmark tests come with an asterisk — Shrout notes that “Arc’s performance won’t look like this in all games” and describes the test as “a great look at what Arc is capable of with the right gaming capabilities.” software engineering.” (Not to mention that these tests were not conducted by an independent party.)

Obviously, it’s impossible to tell how the card actually performs until we test it ourselves, but this first look offered by Intel isn’t mind-blowing at all. Intel’s Arc A750 GPU will be available later this summer, but Intel has has already released its A370M and A350M mobile GPUs in several different notebooks, as well as the entry-level Arc A380 desktop GPU in China (due globally later this year).

So far, things aren’t looking too good for Intel’s new line of GPUs. A Reviewed by Linus Tech Tips says that the addition of Intel’s A370M actually made the 16-inch HP Specter x360 laptop “worse” than the previous RTX 3050 model, while the YouTube channel on PC gaming Player Nexus reported Performance inconsistent with the A380. Bugs and other glitches are inevitable with any new product, and as Linus points out in his video, users may be less inclined to buy something that requires diving into unstable territory, especially with GPUs. so easily accessible and Nvidia’s 40-series cards around the corner.

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