With iOS 16, Apple introduced a new lock screen for iPhone that allows users to customize it with different widgets, font styles and even multiple wallpapers. However, the update removed the classic iPhone wallpapers, and users who had one before installing the update were unable to customize it. But with iOS 16.3, that changed.

Personalize your iPhone lock screen with classic iOS wallpaper

Although Apple doesn’t mention it Release notes for iOS 16.3, the latest update of the iPhone operating system allows users to add widgets for the classic wallpaper, but only if you still have. You can also change the font style.

Previously, when the user tried to customize the lock screen with the classic wallpaper that came with the version before iOS 16, the system warned that the lock screen could not be customized and the user would have to select a new wallpaper. With this change, iOS asks the user if they want to add a new wallpaper or customize the current wallpaper.

The message reads:

Customize the current Lock Screen

Customizing the current Lock Screen replaces the current Home Screen wallpaper. Adding a new wallpaper saves the current wallpaper and creates an additional wallpaper.

Unfortunately, Apple still doesn’t allow users to choose between other classic wallpapers with iOS 16. If you delete your classic wallpaper, it can no longer be added back. Because new lock screenwith animations and images that interact with clocks and widgets, iOS 16 wallpapers are no longer static images. Instead, they are displayed in real time.

But if you want to download these classic wallpapers from older iOS versions to your device, we still have the image files available here:

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