It became available for iOS 16 just two weeks, and users continue to complain that the update is killing their iPhone’s battery life. While it’s normal to see a temporary drop in battery life after a software update, something different is happening this time, with iPhone users still complaining two weeks later…

iOS 16 battery life

When you update your iPhone to a new version of iOS, there’s usually a temporary bump in battery life immediately after installing that update. This is because iOS does things in the background like re-indexing files, photos, apps, and more. This kind of drain on your iPhone battery is especially noticeable with Apple’s annual flagship software releases, like iOS 16, because they’re such big updates.

Generally, this leads to a flood of battery life complaints right after a new software version is released. However, once all the background indexing is done, the complaints generally subside. This year, however, the complaints have not subsided, with many users convinced that iOS 16 has completely destroyed their iPhone’s battery life.

Quick search on any social media platform, including Reddit, TikTok and Twitter, will uncover thousands of complaints from iPhone users. All of these users say their iPhone battery life has improved significantly since installing iOS 16 two weeks ago. And of course, there are a number of conspiracy theories about Apple purposefully reducing battery life on older iPhones to boost iPhone 14 sales.

In a survey 9-5Mac readers last week, 63% of iPhone users reported worse battery life after installing iOS 16. This is largely in line with public opinion regarding iOS 16’s impact on battery life. Active Redditone user writes:

My battery is draining much more than usual. I work in an office and don’t use it more than 13 hours a day, nothing has changed in my behavior. On iOS 15, I mostly stayed home between 85% and 90%. It’s between 65% and 75% with iOS 16. This happens a LOT in my opinion when I barely use my phone.

Another user:

Battery drains like crazy on 13 pro. It went from 11-12 hours SOT to just 7 hours and when I facetime or PiP it lags like hell, it just generally lags. I know it takes a few days for the phone to be back to normal, but it’s been almost a week now. I’m thinking of going back to 15.7, but I might need some ideas first.

Apple has yet to comment on these iOS 16 users’ battery life concerns. There is a company released iOS 16.0.2 to the public not to mention improving battery life. iOS 16.1 is also currently in beta testing.

How is your iPhone battery life after installing iOS 16? Is it worse than when you were running iOS 15? Let us know in the comments.

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