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Ava Jones, Iowa Basketball Coach, is in a difficult situation after her family. He was hit by a car When he was competing in Kentucky, according to reports. Her father died on Thursday.

The Jefferson County Kroner Office said William A. “Tray” Jones III died Thursday. But his mother, Mary Jones, told Hachinson News. It stays on life support And its organs are donated.

“He helped a lot of people in life, but he also does it in death. Who is he?”

James Madison, a soccer player, died at the age of 20

His wife, Amy, and his 17-year-old daughter, Ava, also said they were in critical condition. University of Louisville Hospital.

Basketball in Court.

Basketball in Court.
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“Ava is stable but important,” Jones said. “Amy is calm but important, but Amy is doing a lot. Both are still in the vent. They are trying to get rid of Avan, but it’s a process. Slowly.”

Ava, who He is verbally committed to the Hawks. On Monday, Race 4 was the women’s basketball tournament in Lucyville, where she and her parents and younger brother were hit by a car on the sidewalk on Tuesday.

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Her younger brother is said to have suffered minor injuries and is being treated.

Louisville Metro Police Department Michael Harley, 33, was arrested and charged with four counts of first-degree assault, aggravated assault and aggravated assault with intent to defraud, according to Yaho Sport.

He was charged with murder, police said Friday.

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Iowa assistant coach Jan Jensen shared the GoFundMe account with his family on Twitter Thursday.

“[Thanks] To all who send thoughts and prayers Future Hawkeye, Ava Jones and her family. So appreciate it. We ask that you take this family closer. They are wonderful people who are very patient. ”

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