Next year’s iPhone may change Apple’s naming convention. according to Bloomberg , the company might call its biggest and most expensive device in 2023 the iPhone 15 Ultra instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, as you’d expect given its recent track record. The change will reportedly coincide with the most significant iPhone redesign since Apple released the iPhone 12 in 2019. Gurman expects the iPhone 15 to feature USB-C among other “big changes.”

Apple’s smartphone line has seen several rebrands over the years. In the early days of the iPhone, when the company released a major update every two years, iterative models carried the “S” designation. Since 2019 and the diversification of the line to include separate basic and premium variants, the company has used the “Pro” and “Pro Max” designations to market its flagship phones. Plus, it made a comeback earlier this year Apple hasn’t used it since 2017. It would make a lot of sense to ditch the Pro Max in favor of the Ultra, as the Apple Watch line now .

The iPhone 15 rumor mill has already made some interesting predictions. Gourmet Apple tested USB-C iPhones before the European Union It requires all new smartphones manufactured after 2024 to have the port. Recently, display analyst Ross Young the entire iPhone 15 line will feature the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island display cutout.

Looking ahead, Gurman also wrote today that Apple will not hold another event this fall. According to him, the company plans to announce new Mac mini, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro models by the end of the year. However, since these will primarily be iterative updates for existing devices, Gurman suggests that Apple is more likely to share the availability of these products with the world through a series of press releases.

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