iOS 16 It’s been available for over a week now, and the update brings a lot of new features for iPhone users, including redesigned lock screen. But while some users are having fun with the update, others are complaining about battery life getting worse with iOS 16. Now we want to know how your iPhone battery life is after installing the update.

Is iOS 16 draining battery life faster?

Every time you install a system update, it takes time for iOS to re-index all user data. This process can take several hours or even more than a day, depending on how much data the user has stored on the device.

During the re-indexing process, which is invisible to the user, it is common to notice that the iPhone heats up and the battery drains faster than usual. Of course, once the reindexing process is complete, everything should be back to normal.

At the same time, there are some new features that can cause the iPhone to consume more power. For example, iOS 16 has an option to enable haptic feedback when typing on a virtual keyboard. But a supporting document Apple admits that this feature can affect iPhone battery life.

Your iPhone keyboard may make sounds or vibrate as you type. Learn how to change these settings. Turning on keyboard haptics can affect your iPhone’s battery life.

Even the new lock screen can affect battery life depending on how you use it. If you install a widget or even a wallpaper based on the Weather app, which periodically tracks your current location, the battery will drain faster than if you use a lock screen that does not have access to GPS.

Poll: Is your iPhone battery life worse after iOS 16 update?

Another thing to keep in mind is that the first release of a new iOS version usually comes with more bugs that have been fixed over time. minor updates. These errors can also cause the battery to drain faster.

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With all that in mind, how is iPhone battery life after updating to iOS 16? Have you noticed that your battery lasts less than before? Let us know in the polls and comments section below.

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