LAS VEGAS – In one way or another, veteran coach Jama Malalala has confirmed that he will miss Sunday night’s Las Vegas summer clash with Thomas and Mac Center with San Antonio Spurs.

One option is for Jonathan Cuminga to score two points, and the other is for James Wissman to make his debut in the Premier League this winter. What happens when Wissman completes the rim-shaking Lei-Up from Kumga? Start a successful return Center for 21-year-old fighters.

“I’m glad he’s smart,” said Malalela with a smile when asked about the 86-85 victory.

Wiseman has played less than 20 minutes out of three G-League competitions this year because his starting season was cut to the torn right meniscus in April 2021. Due to the complications of the surgery, he missed the rest of the season for the Warriors and is counting the days for this exact time. The Warriors played Wiseman within four minutes to start each quarter, but brought it back in the final 3:52 of the game.

At the point, the Golden State followed 79-74. Thirty seconds later, Wiseman was caught crossing Kumga in traffic and finished the second thumbnail of the night to shorten his deficit. The Warriors defeated Spurs 12-6 and returned Wiseman to the floor, earning their first win of the winter board.

Sunday did not celebrate Wiseman’s return to the Premier League for the first time in two years. It was also the first time he and 19-year-old Kuminga had played together, making it clear to everyone about the champions’ bright future.

“It makes all our work easier,” said Cuminga, who scored 26 points, including the bucket and the perfect throw. “It’s so easy … just letting him roll like that opens up the color. If I don’t catch the ball, he picks up the ball. I feel like we’re all this time, we can run. [Steph Curry].

“It’s just to open up the ground more.”

Overall, Wiseman went 11-on-7 with 11 points. He made the only 3-point attempt, hitting two tracks with a hammer and two jumps – one was a smooth loss. Wiseman was also called up for seven fouls, some tackling more than others, and only two interceptions. Immediately after the game, he hit Mahlala on the shoulder and said he needed to get more balls the next time.

But that is part of the process. Wiseman will no longer be suspended. It is a real-life game where he fights against other opponents rather than on individual exercises or in controlled contests with his teammates. His coming down to earth is a victory in itself, and his great potential flashes more than any other catastrophe.

The Warriors know that Wiseman can score in a variety of ways and their goal this season is to gradually turn the No. 2 into a defensive machine. On the other hand, there were times when he became a force, especially with two previous blocks. The first came on the rim, and the second on an outside shot.

This was his favorite.

“Yeah, that was good,” Wisman said.

Wiseman’s coaches and team-mates welcomed him back to the locker room following his victory. Everyone around him knows how difficult this journey is, and those who are new to warriors are not new to the story.

For the high hopes of the day in Las Vegas, Wiseman’s return was near the end.

He also showed why.

“It was a great time,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of difficult times, especially as a person and as a person. But it’s great to see everyone pushing and shoving me.”

The cherry above is from the text. Steve Kerr confirmed that he had gone to Sin City to see Wiseman, and that he had a front row view of a player who could be a major part of the Warriors’ future.

Care is not upset.

“He just texted me and said, ‘You look really good.’

Matching How key was Steff, Dreammond to sign Devincenzo.

As Wisman sat on the bench in the second quarter, Wisman signaled to head coach Rick Celebrini that he could close his eyes and play more. The Owl Center has been around for a long time.

He also recognizes that the first game is part of a much larger and more important process. The warriors know what skills they have in Wiseman. Keeping the porch in a cage is not easy.

It is useful if everything comes together.

“Yeah, I felt I could play more,” said Wisman. “… I had about a quarter of five minutes, so I was trying to get as much as I could. “

The plan is for Wiseman, Kumiga and Moses Moody, who scored 34 points in three quarters on Friday night but were rested on Sunday, to play against Boston Celtics on Tuesday.

When asked if it was a good idea to go, Wiseman gave us a look that we should all mark in Sharppe.

“Yeah, I’ll play on Tuesday,” Wisman said. “for sure.”

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