Jk Paper Dividend & Q3 Result: The Paper Manufacturing Company Has Distributed A Quarterly Result Of Rs 3.5 Crore.
JK Paper Dividend & Q3 Result: The paper manufacturing company has distributed a quarterly result of Rs 3.5 crore. 2

News: JK Paper, a leading paper manufacturing company, recently announced its dividend for 2024 and released its Q3 results. The company

On Tuesday, shares of JK Paper closed at Rs 407.35 and opened at Rs 410.25 on Wednesday, touching an intraday high of Rs 417.50. Shares closed at 414.00 rupees at the end of the trading session, representing an increase of 1.63%.

Performance Highlights:

  • Daily Growth: 1.63%
  • One month return: 4.4%
  • Six-month return: 25.1%
  • Two-year return: 72%
  • Five-year return: 203%
  • Ten-year return: 1323%
    Despite the recent sluggish growth, JK Paper shares have historically performed well.

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Division Details:-

  • Share per share: 3.5 Birr
  • Date of Registration: February 16, 2024
  • Shareholders must hold their shares by this date to be eligible for dividends.

About JK Paper Limited:

JK Paper Limited specializes in manufacturing a variety of paper and paperboard products including:

  • Office documents paper
  • Uncoated paper and board
  • Covered paper and board
  • Packing board

Q3 Results 2024:

  • December 2023 Revenue: 1706 crore
  • December 2023 Net Profit: 236 Crores
  • Costs increased in December, which led to a drop in profits compared to previous quarters.

Sharing pattern:

  • Advertisers: 49.63%
  • Population: 50.37%
  • FII: 10.75%
  • DIS: 3.37%
  • Non-institutional and retail investors: 36.25%

While JK Paper Limited has experienced steady growth in recent years, its long-term performance has been stable and has recorded a profit growth of 36.4% CAGR over the past five years. Consider seeking advice from a financial advisor before investing in JK Paper shares for the long term, as they may not be suitable for short-term gains.